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15- Andrews Field formally transferred from the RAF to the USAAF.

17- First stab at German defenses made in diversionary raid off coast of France.

26- Capt. Frank Taylor transferred to group operations. Lt. Leslie Tenold took over as squadron operations officer.

31- First bombing attack on German targets by 451st is highly successful. Fighters and flak damaged our aircraft but none were lost.


4- Second mission for squadron outstanding success.

7- Enlisted men and officers celebrated first anniversary of activation of squadron on 7th and 8th, respectively. Parties held at ARC Club.

9- ARC closed for repairs!


Airdrome Defense School runs for three months-most personnel attend.

3- First attack on Beauvais/Tille airdrome. (Our future base.)


1- Lt. Leslie Reece posthumously awarded D.F.C.

3- First of three attacks on heavily defended Amsterdam /Schipol airdrome. All aircraft return despite heavy flak and fighter attacks.

4- John C. Duda appointed 1st Sgt. to replace Charlie Doss who has become a "toggolier."

15- 322nd forms bomber counterpart of newly arrived 9th Air Force.

24- First fatal combat casualty in squadron. S /Sgt. Alson D. Moser died en route back to base as result of flak wound in leg.


5- The 451st lost its first ship to enemy action. Those listed in crew were Lts. Herbert Price, Weldon Rawlings, Arthur Joyner, and James Bunker; Sgts. John Gust, John May, and William Creekmore. (Creekmore later reported as a prisoner of war.)

12- S /Sgt. Lewis K. Nichols, first man in squadron to receive Purple Heart, en route to States via hospital.

27- Initial performance of Base musical show, "Fools and Footlights." Men from 451st participating in show included Sgts. John Loyzelle, Henry Medina, Allen Poyfair, and Al Coombs; Cpl. Jose Morante; Pfc. Melvin Holtz.


13- Third attack on Amsterdam /Schipol airdrome successful. Airdrome inundated by water pouring through broken dikes as result of bombing. Capt. Harold Lamb, after a one-engine haul back across the North Sea, bailed his crew out safety over England and crash-landed his plane with bombbay doors open, with no injuries sustained. Sgts. Edward Moss and Thomas Renfroe, radio operators, injured by flak, not too seriously. S /Sgt. Curtis Johnson accidentally opened his chute when he slipped in the leakinq hydraulic fluid. The chute spoiled, he used the co-pilot's, Lt. Carl Larson's, who rode the plane down with Capt. Lamb.


21- Three officers and one enlisted man killed in niaht training flight. They were Lts. Gene Jones, Raymond Spencer and Ralph Eltzroth, and Sgt. Paul Rotes. Sat. Rotes was well known as the drummer in the popular group band, the "Skyliners."


6- Lt. Richard Leonard does fine job of crash-landing "Big Fat Mama." Other crew members, none of whom were injured, included Lts. Rubin and John Freriks, Sgts. Lee Hilden, Harold Archer, and Kenneth Carpenter.

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