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19- Sgt. Eugene Neely killed by a burst of flak over Germany.

22- Lt. Paul Gerhard's plane, with Lt. Col. Newcomer as co-pilot, hit by fragmentation bombs from another flight. Lt. Gerhard kept the plane under control until just west of the Rhine where the crew bailed out. The following day the crew sat on the west bank of the river watching the Allied airborne invasion pass overhead-a front row seat to a great show.


8- Group moved to station A-89, Le Culot, Belgium. Squadron lived on the airdrome with an eye on two large chateaus.

16- Lt. Robert Eckels and crew go down on one of the final missions in the ETO. Men became prisoners for two weeks until Allies overran territory. Crew included Lt. Paul Rousseau, Sgts. William Lawrence, Richard Besch, William Burton and Paul Gentry.

19- Sgt. John Grotenhuis killed by accidental explosion of a German incendiary bomb.

24- Scrobhausen oil depot became last operational mission for Group's Marauders.


8- V-E Day.

15- Squadron's prisoners of war begin pouring into Camp Lucky Strike, France, after being liberated. Returnees included Capt. Kenneth Harniman, Lts. Carson Gallien, B. E. Adams, Paul Michael, Gibson Fahnestock, and John Corley, Sgts. William Creekmore, William Hamilton, Harry Marson, and Charles Snyder. Also Lt. Eckels and crew, which was taken prisoners a short time earlier.

25- The war over, officers and men let off steam with parties at both chateau and field.


1- Lt. Col. Newcomer left for States. Major Charles Seamans III became squadron C.O. for two weeks, and was then succeeded by Capt. Richard Thomas, former operations officer.

15- Squadron began splitting up process. All bombardiers and navigators transferred to England for photo work. Remaining crews transferred to 394th Bomb Group for temporary occupational duty. All attached 323rd men returned to their original Group.

19- Squadron, composed of all ground men and a few combat men, left for disarmament activities in Germany. Headquarters set up in the former German SS Headquarters, castle at Arolsen, Germany.


14- V-J Day. Hopes rose for an earlier return home.


1- Point system began to function. High point men headed for home a small group at a time.


10- Squadron officially disbanded at Camp Kilmer, New Jersey, by Capt. Richard Thomas, C.O.

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