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Summary of Operations in ETO
Historical Notes
Distinguished Unit Citation
391st Bombardment Group
Assignments, Combat Operations, Battle Honors
Arrival in the European Theater of Operations
First Combat Missions
Summary of Operations, March 1944

Summary of Operations in ETO

Missions:  294
Planes Dispatched:  10,338
Sorties:  10,124
Men on Operations:  62,178
Encounters with Enemy Aircraft:  91
Enemy Aircraft Destroyed:  10
Enemy Aircraft Probably Destroyed:  6
Enemy Aircraft Damaged:  29
Group's Planes Lost to Enemy Action:  43
Group's Planes Battle Damaged:  1,341
Killed:  29
Wounded:  61
Missing in Action:  190
Tons of Bombs on Targets 15,786.39


Bibliographical Note

Material included in the following pages has been drawn, for the most part, from the History of the 391st Bombardment Group, deposited in single copy, in the Archives of the Historical Division, Research Studies Institute, Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama.

By way of supplementing this information, records of the Ninth Bomber Command, the 9th Air Division, the Ninth Air Force, and such documents from the Adjutant General and Air Adjutant General files as are available here also have been consulted.

Information concerning battle credits and unit citations has been taken from War Department General Orders pertaining to the subject. This list, however, should be checked with the Awards Branch, Director of Military Personnel, Headquarters USAF, since units sometimes are entitled to credits not yet published in general orders.

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