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Lt. Worth M. Speed

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Barksdale Field - 26 March 44

This crew flew to Savannah, picked up a B-26 and flew to North Africa.  The bombardier (Lt. Casey Howe) was Mr. Speed's bombardier on several missions. The crew members in this photo are left to right - Lt. Worth M. Speed (pilot), Lt. VanKeuren (co-pilot), Lt. Howe (bombardier), Sgt. Chandler (eng. - gunner), Sgt Wagner (radio - gunner) St. Evans (armorer-gunner). Mr. Speed flew 65+ missions and flew several different planes - Impatient Virgin, Pistol Packin Mama, Tiger Lady and O'Rileys Daughter.

In January, 1945 Lt. Speed was assigned to an Infantry division because he had so many missions and was captured by the Germans with this Infantry division and was a prisoner of war until around May, 1945. Mr. Speed could not go home until there was a replacement, so his Squadron Commander sent him and 2 others to 7th Army Hq. - there they were briefed and sent to the 79th Division.  From there they went to the 314th Infantry to an I&R unit. They were captured with them and finally released, after several escape attempts, by Gen. Patton.


320th BG, 443rd BS

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