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William Edwin Phillips
320th Bomb Group, 442 Bomb Squadron

My Dad received his Presidential unit citation for the Fondi mission. He was awarded the usual WWII victory medal, the American Theatre campaign medal and the European Middle Eastern African Campaign medal with 6 battle stars. The Presidential Unit Citation and The Ruptured Duck pin when he left the service. He was trained at MacDill army air corps base in Tampa Florida, he served with the 12th army air corps from May 21st 1942 until August 25th 1945. I have a pillow case from MacDill air corps base that he sent home to my mother in 1942 that is a cherished memento. I will send a photo of him in uniform with my mother taken in 1942 in Florida. A photo of "Shif'less", taken in 1944, shows the duck under the name along with a lot more bomb mission as well as more German planes shot down. It is a good close up of my Dad and the nose art.

Dad's plane was called " SHIF'LESS" with the tail number 41-34999. I'll send the 442nd patch. My father was with the 12th army air corps, 33rd Battalion, 442nd squadron, 320th bomb group in Tunisia from may 1942 until march 1944 when he was sent to England and participated in the campaigns of Sicily, Naples-Foggia, Rome-Arne also the Air Offensive Europe and Anti Submarine patrols according to his service record which I have here. It's the old carbon copy record. His unit was given a Presidential Unit Citation on May 12th, 1944 for action above Fondi Italy in support of the advance of the 7th Army. His unit bombed in support of the Sicily landings, at Anzio, and Monte Cassino. His unit moved to France in November 1944 for support of operations bombing Germany and his service ended and he returned home on August 25th, 1945.

He was born in Brooklyn New York on March 11, 1914 and passed away on January 6th 1994 at the age of 79 years 10 months. He lived in Midland a small area outside the town of Central City in Muhlenberg County Kentucky which is the same town as the Everly Brothers which my Mom and Dad knew as well as myself. He was a Union Coal Miner with Island creek Coal Company after the war and before he had a 1 hour radio show in Owensboro Kentucky which is where he lived until meeting my mother, then moving to Midland and building a house there. I have a lot of photos as I told you in my last email so I will let you decide when you've had enough of them. I have approximately 225 of them from the war that he took. I also have about 35 from my uncle his brother who was with Patton's army but that's not the air corps which you do. Nice Photos though, especially the
ones he took when they got to Bastogne.

The unit patch and crest of the 320th bomb group/442nd squadron he was stationed with in Tunisia 1942-43 and then in Europe 1943 until he ended his military service Aug.25th, 1945. He passed away Jan. 6th 1994 at 79 years 10 months. he was very proud of all the " Marauders" he got to know during his Army Air Corps service. I would like to thank all his fellow "Marauder" members everywhere for all they did for us during WWII. - Jeff Phillips, son of William Phillips



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