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Robert L. Holliday
391st Bomb Group 573rd Bomb Squadron

L-R: Pilot, Robert L. Holliday, Copilot B.J. Regan, bombigator Norbert Snyder, radio operator
Gene Gollmer, engineer Bill Vanalstyne, tail gunner Anthony Wierney.

Robert L. Holliday
(HAP) BombGp: 391st Squadron: 573rd Years: 42-45 Class: 43F Location: Pampa Texas.
Still looking for my Tail Gunner Anthony NMI Wierney (far right).

The plane is a B26 and if the numbers on the plane are big white ones the picture was taken at Lake Charles, LA. in 1943.
If the back ground plane has nose art it is a B26 and the picture was taken in England in 1944.

Robert Holliday 1942

This is an F84 and taken at the Gtr. Pittsburgh airport. I was in the Air Guard
for 24 years and I ended up in Connies. I retired at the end of 69 so the picture was taken
sometime in the early 60's I think. We had 102's after the 84's, but I didn't fly them.
The Connie was next and that is the one I ended up flying. The Connie was my idea of a nice bird to fly.
I was a Major back in those days, and ended up a LC.


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