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Richard L. Brunsman
451st Bomber Squadron, 322nd Bombardment Group
B26 Martin Marauder Pilot

Served in European Theater of Operation
Nov. 4th, 1943 to Oct. 26th, 1944
Air Offensive of Europe, Normandy and Northern France
ETO Theater Ribbon with 8 Bronze Stars, Air Medal with 2 Silver Clusters and 1 Bronze Cluster
WWII Victory Medal and American Theater Ribbon


June 4, 2014

ST LOUIS. MO 63538-1002

RE: Veteran's Name: BRUNSMAN, Richard Louis
Request Number: 0-00000000000

Dear Recipient:
Thank you for contacting the National Personnel Records Center. The military record needed to answer your inquiry was located in the area that suffered the most damage in the fire that occurred at this Center on July 12, 1973. Fortunately, the record/a portion of the record was among those recovered; however, it was damaged in the fire. We are enclosing a copy of the separation document, but the photocopy is the best that we can obtain. A seal has been affixed to separation document to attest to its authenticity.

The separation document may include the following information: authority for separation, reason for separation, reenlistment eligibility code, and separation (SPN/SPD) code. If you require a copy of the separation document that does not contain this information, a deleted copy may be requested from this Center.

We are also enclosing NA Form 13038, Certification of Military Service, in addition to the separation document. This document will verify the veteran's military service and it may be used for any official purpose.

If you have questions or comments regarding this response, you may contact us at 314-801-0800 or by mail at the address shown in the letterhead above. If you contact us, please reference the Request Number listed above. If you are a veteran, or a deceased veteran's next of kin, please consider submitting your future requests online by visiting us at

Archives Technician (AFN-MC2E)


We Value Our Veterans' Privacy
Let us know if we have failed to protect it.

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