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Paul V. Parkosewich
319 Bomb Group, 439th Bomb Squadron

Paul V. Parkosewich is the first man on left top row, followed by Tom Underwood, Paul Ellzey, Lt. Calliuott,
(last name) O'Connor, Sgt Julius J Sablich and last man in row is (last name) Hayes.

The Greenland photo is a picture of my father on  a winter over from a failed B-26 flight to England. Weather was too severe and they had to eventually return to the USA.

Skeeter's original crew: photo taken in June 1943.
Top row: Lt to Rt: Polynaurd Co Pilot, T C Underwood, R.E Thomas Pilot
Bottom row: Lt to right: Paul V Parkosewich Tom Hoey, R Winters

Above is an actual photograph of the B-26 "Skeeter" in flight. WO Paul V. Parkosewich completed his 40th mission on December 18, 1943 and chose to go home.
On January 21, 1944, "Skeeter" was shot down while on a mission over the Orvietto South Railroad bridge.

41-18326, 319BG, 439BS, "SKEETER" BN.52, MARC 2212
21 Jan 44 Direct flak hit in right engine on bomb run, engine burst into flames, complete right wing ablaze with parts breaking off, down in slow glide, exploded.
1.Lt's.Clarence A. Randall; House R. Lawson; 2.Lt Harry M. Price; S/Sgt James S. Davis; T/Sgt John A. Moffett; S/Sgt Harry E. Merrill; Sgt. Julius J. Sablich. (All crew KIA)

Update: "Skeeter" crew that was shot down on 21 Jan 1944 over Orvietto in which only one man survived - TSgt John A Moffett.


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