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Lee Goodwin, 72 Missions, B-26 Pilot

I flew 3 missions in the 454th and 69 missions in the 456th. I started in the 454th in August '43 and came home in Sept '44. Many combat missions were flown without a co-pilot; my engineer would ride in the right seat and he would lift landing gear, doing things the co-pilot would do. (The Flying Wedge)

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1. Larry Gilbert, Eng/Gunner 2. Winiford V. Stewart, Tail Gunner 3. Pete Malloy, Radio/Gunner
4. Lee Goodwin, Pilot 5. Arthur E. Briggs, Navigator/Bombardier

Top L-R: Larry Gilbert, Winiford Steward, Pete Malloy
Bottom L-R: Lt. Lux, Lee Goodwin, John Symanski.

A future "Ole" pilot at six months

A "short snorter" was a one dollar bill that had been signed and given to you
by another person. If you did not have one, or if you failed to have it with you in the bar,
you had to buy drinks for the house.

Charles Lindbergh visited Lee at his home.

2002 Pensacola Reunion

Left to right: 1. Leon C. Goodwin 2. Russell B. Linger 3. Earl M. Pitts 4. David Gleason
5. Walter L. Pochodzay 6. Frank Morris 7. Sam Yawn 8. James H. Davidson



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