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Kenneth V. DeVerna
320th Bomb Group 433rd Bomb Squadron

Attached, please find some pictures of Ken DeVerna with planes and crews. Also attached is an article from the Marquette MI newspaper interviewing him after he returned home. It tells about some of his experiences and how many missions he flew. Thank you so much for doing all this work for these guys. I only wish I had known about this site when Dad was still alive to enjoy it.

In the photo with the signatures of the crew, here is the order of men from left to right:

Lt. James "Jim" Livsey
Lt. Jack Connelly
Lt. Otto H. "Dutch" Holland
Sgt. Raymond "Ray" C. Fields
Sgt. Kenneth V. DeVerna has no signature
Sgt. Edwin J. Sieler

In the photo with 4 men, the order is not known except for Ken DeVerna who is on the left.

Sgt. Raymond C. Fields
John Lenkiewiez
And Evans is not know if he is Mike who is in your list as with the 443 or one of the other 3 Evans listed.

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