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Kenneth A. Schell
387th Bombardment Group (M), 556th bombardment Squadron (M)

Picture of Kenny when he was 18 years old. Would have been taken after flight training and before being shipped out to England as he is now wearing S/SGT stripes. He was discharged 2 June 1945, Army Serial #XXXX2202. He flew to England on 15 April 1944 and returned to the US on 22 April 1945 believing that he and his crew mates were being shipped to the Pacific for the invasion of Japan. At the processing center in the states, he was told he would be separated from the military due to the number of missions (78) he had flown.

Left to Right: Pilot - William J Moriarity, St. Louis, MO; Co-Pilot - Jesse N. Wilkes, Home unknown; Bombardier - Clarence E Berglund Esq., Boston MA; Engineer - Kenneth A. Schell, Fort Wayne, IN; Radio Man - Doyle K. Gantt, Arcadia, LA; Gunner - Charles F. Salas, Miami, FL

Kenny Schell after of basic training was taken in 1943 at their family home in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Margie, Kenny's sister, can be seen hiding behind his leg.  She was 4 (nearing 5) at the time.

"North Ireland" was taken 12 May, 1944. From the left is, Kenny "Skip" Schell, Sgt. W D "Chick" Matlock, Circleville, Kansas, and right is identified only as "Sweet William".

Charles Salas

Kenny Schell is on the left and Charles F Salas is on the far right

Kenny Schell is on the left and Charles F Salas is on the far right

Co-Pilot Jesse Wilkes

Top Row L to R: Berglund, Wilkes, Schell, Gantt; Bottom Row L to R: Moriarity, Charles Salas

"North Ireland" was taken 7 May, 1944. As Kenny wrote, it was taken "somewhere in North Ireland". On the right is Kenny Schell and on the left is S/Sgt Rodney L. Elam

"Over Germany" was taken by Kenny from the top turret.

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