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Joseph Mathias Bruck, Marauder Man
552nd Bomb Squadron, 386th Bomb Group

552nd Bomb Squadron,386th Bomb Group based at Great Dunmow, Essex County, England.
On the 9th of September 1943 B-26 41-34958 RG-F "Named Hazard" received a direct flak hit in the bomb bay just prior to bomb release, clouds of black smoke poured from the bomb bay which then exploded and the aircraft disintegrated from the rear of the plane just behind the wings. The crew that day was 1.Lt Stephen M Danforth, 2.Lt Joseph W Bruck, 2.Lt William J Coffey, Jr, Sgt Louis P McNeill; T/Sgt Jack E Whitehead and S/Sgt Joseph E Sanchez. Danforth, Bruck and Coffey were killed in the aircraft Whitehead was missing in action while McNeill and Sanchez became prisoners of war.

Regards Trevor Allen historian

Mr. Bruck with Ms. Bruck, his sister.

Ancell, Lt. Gerry, Lt. Robbie, Burroughs, #5 from left-Joseph Bruck, Brown and Hayes.

General Doolittle and Peter M. Bruck to right -behind General- tallest one.
Picture taken from DVD called: "Battle Stations B-26" - History Channel.


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