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Joseph Castoro
344th Bomb Group, 494th Bomb Squadron

The Crew of Tom's Tantalizer

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Tail gunner, S.Sgt
Joseph Castoro

Turret gunner, S/Sgt
Charles W. Calkins

Radio /waist gunner
T/Sgt Dorr E. Tippins

Crew Chief T/Sgt
Michael Ondra

Bombardier 1st Lt.
George W. Eldridge

Navigator 1st Lt.
Carl H. Moore*

Asst Crew Chief
S/Sgt Marini

Pilot Major
Thomas F. Johnson

* Carl Moore, the Navigator on  Tom's Tantalizer, wrote a book about his experiences in the B-26.  It is titled 'Flying the B-26 Over Europe', and features the journey of the B-26 as an aircraft, as well as some of the missions of this particular crew.  It is very difficult to locate.
0-8306-2311-6 (paperbook)
0-8306-9664-4 (hardcover)

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