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Joe Lazar, Bombardier
Gee Navigator and Squadron Navigator April, May 1945
323rd Bomb Group, 456th Bomb Squadron

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Mr. & Mrs. Joe Lazar
Joe and Wife Betty married 61 years June 2004

Another photo shows me standing next to our tent in the winter of Dec 1944 in Laon, France.

Joe and Ryan David
Joe holding his 17th great grandchild Ryan Griffin

Joe Lazar

Here is one photo of a mission in which I was in a flight position viewing flak.

Joe Lazar

My crew that was sent to the ETO in Sept 44.

Ernie Pyle

The photo showing Ernie Pyle (renowned reporter for the news paper Stars and Stripes) is while he was with our 323rd group in England. I was not with them there. Berlin Sally mentioned Pyle over her daily broadcasts and said the Luftwaffe was out to get him while he flew with the White Tail Marauders (323rd). It was before my time. Pyle later went to the south Pacific and was killed somehow. While I was on a trip to the French Riviera, Bob Hope and his entourage happened to be there too. He heard about our group being host to Ernie Pyle and invited all of us there on the trip to be his guest for cocktails so that we could talk about it. Well we did and we had a ball for the evening. He picked up the tab.

Bob Hope

mission diary

Ludendorff railway bridge

Modrath bomb strike photo

George Paragamian

Frank Joslin

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