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James E. Smith
322th Bomb Group, 495th Bomb Sqaudron

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L to R: James E. Smith, (Gus) Marinelli,
(Mac) McCarter at Westminster Abbey.

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"Shop Worn Angel"

As for the documents I sent, the "Time over Targets" was taken from a booklet of that name which was stamped inside cover, "passed by the censor for mailing home” and as you have probably noted was printed before the war was won.   I read several of the letters posted on the Bulletin Board of your web site, and noted once that this booklet was mentioned, so perhaps you have one.  I can see nothing about copyright.  A notation on the bottom of the inside cover of the pamphlet says:  This is one of a series G.I. Stories of the Ground, Air and Service Forces in the European Theater of operations, issued by the Stars and Stripes, a publication of the Information and Education Division, ETOUSA. Major Samuel E. Anderson, commanding the 9th Bombardment Division (M), lent his cooperation to the preparation of the pamphlet, and basic material was supplied to the editor's by his staff.

The other document, McKenzie Rides Marauder Bombing Path for Invaders, was copied from a rather fragile, cheap mimeograph-type paper, which I took to be copied for distribution to the Squadrons involved.  The typing appears to have been done on a portable typewriter, James sent this to me (his young sister at the time) and I have kept it ever since.  It appears to me, reading it over many times, that news correspondents, one named McKenzie, was in on the B-26 part in D-day from the secret orders to the actual flight or flights.  I have put the letter back where I keep it and it is rather hard to pull all the closet apart again, but I did copy it all, correctly as nearly as I could see, as I said before it was a poor quality paper and printing.

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