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James P. McCarty (Mac), Major USAF, Retired
391st Bomb Group, 572nd Bomb Squadron

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James P. McCarty, Enlisted Pilot

"McCarty's Party" was my Airplane. I picked it up from the factory in Michigan in November 1943. At the time we were staging out of Godman Field, Ft. Knox, Ky ( My home State-45 miles from home) Proceeded to England via southern route January 44 as a Group. The painting was Commissioned by Mr. Dave Garnham of Bedford England 2000, and is 30"X20" on canvas, and has been on display in England. He sent print to me October 2000. In 1944 as a young lad he lived at Matching Green England where we were located and watched our operations. It is a very interesting story as to how he found me in Lexington Ky in January 2000. Major Mac

Report from 391st History Micro film
Mission to Foret de la Geurche, France
July 16th, 1944

The 391st was one of four groups which were given the assignment to bomb the fuel storage depot in the Foret de la Geurche on the evening of July 16th. Thirty-eight planes were dispatched, and thirty of these dropped 832 General Purpose bombs on the primary target.

Heavy smoke from the groups that had bombed the target in advance obscured the aiming point and five of the six flights dropped their bombs into the smoke. Hugh explosions and resulting columns of smoke indicated that the attack was a complete success.

Violent blasts were reported by Allied fighters in the vicinity as late as two hours after the bombing. One of the group's flights attacked a high-way intersection when the smoke prevented the bombardier from picking  an aiming point. One plane failed to bomb for mechanical reasons.

All the planes returned without damage or casualties.

McCarty's Party flown by Lt John W.Blute from Danvers Mass.

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From Lt W.C Brooks’s map it would indicate that the group was on its way home since the French coast is on the starboard side.

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Taken from the Diary of Lt William C. Brooks  572nd Squadron

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