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Hank Moen
323rd Bomb Group, 455th Bomb Squadron

Crew left to right:
Top Row William S. "Bill" Whitman (Pilot), Chuck Leonard (Bombardier/Navigator), Wallace Pharr (Tail Gunner) Bottom Row Herb Moore (Engineer), Hank Moen (Pilot), Jim Hoover (Radio Operator/Waist Gunner)

The next two are pictures of "Ginny Lou" in Iceland in 27 May '43. This date corresponds to the 455BS's initial deployment to England so it's a very good possibility she's one of the 455BS's original aircraft.

I'm not positive on "Ginny's" serial# but I think I've narrowed it down to a very good possibility: 41-31870. While the Sqdn ID Alpha code is "YU", I'm unsure of "Ginny's" individual aircraft code. But, I believe I've narrowed it down to 5 possibilities: D, K, M, Q, or W. I'm personally leaning toward 'D". "Ginny" is also unusual in having the name on the right side of the aircraft. Most fighters and bombers had their nicknames painted on the left. This makes me wonder if "Ginny" had her name repeated on the left side along with other markings such as a mission tally. If you could help me out at all with these questions, I'd appreciate it.

Who is the artist?

"William Turocy - Our crew chief". Hank Moen's Crew Chief

William Turocy, 323BG, 455BS, Engineer/Gunner

Moen's Gunners
"Our gunners before a mission: William Turocy, Engineer/Gunner; Russell Anys, Radioman/Gunner; Robert J. Francis, Armorer/Gunner). Shows the extent of the invasion stripes.

Moen's Taxi Accident
"Taxi accident September 9, 1944. Failed to negotiate 90 degree right turn. Ran into parked UC-78. Prop blade came thru left cockpit area and decapitated Lt William S. Whitman. I only had cuts and bruises on face and arms. A very messy and scary scene because main fuel and oil lines were severed dumping high octane fuel all over the engine area."  Lt. William S. Whitman is buried at the Normandy American Cemetery, F-13-34; Air Medal, Oak Leaf Cluster, Purple Heart.

Gerald G. or John G. or John W. Morley; Hank Moen and Nellie Pulver

Nellie Pulver's original crew

Nellie Pulver

Lessay France
"Our accommodations during Battle of the Bulge, winter of '44. Brrrrr, it was cold.
Think picture was taken near Lessay France"

Whitman and Moen at German bunker
"Whitman and I inspecting a bombed out German bunker a few days before our accident. 1944"

Lt Fox Mission Belle
"Lt Fox in the cockpit of Mission Belle"

Mission Belle
"Not the famous Memphis Belle (B-17) but we also had a B-26 utilizing that nickname.
Lt Fox and two of his gunners. Lt Fox was my closest buddy.
He was killed on Christmas '44 (shot down over Battle of the Bulge area)


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