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Frank E. McKeown, Bombardier
387 Bomb Group, 558 Bomb Squadron

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Johnson (P), Pecher (CP), Moore (Nav)

Brown (P), Taliaferro (B/N), Windsor (CP)

Henderson (P), Heikkila (CP), Pauket (B/N)

O'Brien (CP), James (P), Whitey

Morris (P), Taylor (CP)

Davis (P), Pitt (CP)

Pilot (P)
Co-Pilot (CP)
Bombardier/Navigator (B/N)
Navigator (Nav)

Tandy (P), Sherman (CP), Jacque (B/N)

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42-96179, 387BG, 558BS, "PUGNATIOUS PEGGY", Code: KX-Z; Missions flown 57
10 May 44 to 5 Oct 44 Right engine lost power on take off for a combat mission with a full bomb load and fuel. Could not gain sufficient altitude, pilot began began feathering engine but was forced to land wheels up in an open field approximately 2 miles off the end of the runway and two miles south of Châteaudun, France, salvaged 5 Oct 44.

Crew: Capt. George M. Snyder, P; 2.Lt Stanley P Stworzyjanek, CP; 1.Lt's Arnold P Hart, N; Harmon M McLeny, B; Frank E McKeown, GEE; S/Sgt Thomas W McFall, E/G; T/Sgt Merritt W Crosier, R/G; S/Sgt William L Smith, A/G. (All seriously injured except Smith who received minor injuries)

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Frank E. McKeown, Bombardier, Martin B-26 Marauder Man, 387 Bomb Group, 558 Bomb Squadron

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