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Elliott Swift Moorhead III, Marauder Man
322 Bomb Group, 452 Bomb Squadron

Introducing "Mat", our French Setter with Doodle and myself. France Feb 26, 1945
Elliott Swift Moorhead III, Marauder Man, 322 Bomb Group, 452 Bomb Squadron
Elliott Swift Moorhead III - 1944 Ireland

Cozy eh! You should see this palace inside
Nov. 30, 1944

F-82 Captain Elliott Moorhead - Pilot.
Mitchell Air Force Base Hempstead,
Long Island, New York 1949

June 20, 1945 - Wayne Omo (sp?) and I
sweating in a mission by the meat wagon

France 1945 Guess who?
Censored by Lt. ES Moorhead

This was the ship. I owe a lot to her - perhaps my life. Nov. 30, 1944

1944 ES Moorhead and crew B-26 Combat crew assigned July 9, 1944 Pilot 2nd Lt James H Amick; Co-pilot 2nd Lt Elliott S Moorhead; Bombardier 2nd Lt Robert D Degarmo; EG Pvt Herbert B Rifkin; ROG Cpl Eli S Radanovich; AG Sgt Raymond P Pelkington.

452nd Bombardment Squadron


France 1945 - A group picture of us listening to my bombardier. Censored by Lt ES Moorhead

France 1945 Pilot ES Moorhead III and his crew.

From left to right -
Lt Elliott Moorhead - Pilot
Major Jim Depew Army Infantry
1st Lt Jim Amick - Pilot
1st Lt Wally Jungle - Pilot
Lt Bob Farrell - Pilot

Feb 26, 1945 Beauvaitille, France

France Jan 1945 - The guys who keep Tent 3 from starving - the mess Sgts

I'm telling Doodle to sit still
Feb 26, 1945 France

The caption handwritten on the back of the photo was made by Elliott's mother, Earl. "On the opposite side of this vellum - you can gaze upon the features of a boy who had the Lords aura around him on Nov 28th 1944 p.s. This picture was made by the Army Dec 2nd '44 after Buz escaped from Germany - he parachuted at 1200 ft and landed in a battle - a week later he had pneumonia in a Paris Hospital. Earl"

Jan 15,1945 - The latest in keeping warm

August 8, 1944 - Clark McKennian and I somewhere in Northern Ireland. Please notice how happy we are about the whole thing- We reserve all rights on this for sale to Walt Disney.

The "Doc" and I take a rest on the old woodpile. We now have a hand-saw and coal. You can see here - even if I'm sitting that the excess weight is gone with the wind.

June 15, 1945 France
Wally said "stop" and smile - I was returning to the sack, well I was returning.

1943 - We are in sun tan khaki now
and I'm not that heavy.

France January 1945 - The name on this wagon stopped press releases on mentioning the name of the ship. Capt Mac and I after a flight

Without Gloves, Maxwell Field Alabama

Daily drill & formation, Maxwell Field Alabama

Jan 17, 1945 France - Jim and I doing a little pantomime on his new promotion.

Rock Hill S.C.
Out at the field

We look like 5 characters in this shot...and we felt like less at that time. Left to Right 1. Joe Vaccaro - S/Sgt Radio-gunner 2. Me 3. Vic Hansa - 2nd Lt - Navigator 4. Milt Collings - T/Sgt - Tailgunner 5. Fred Wilson - 1st Lt - Bombardier  Censored by Lt ES Moorhead

I made Jim stand in a hole. How do you like our shack? Nov. 30, 1944

At the Chateau in Belgium - 1945
Wally Junge & Elliott Moorhead

Pilot, B-26: Served as Co-pilot and Pilot, Martin B-26 Marauder, with the 322nd and 394th Bomb Groups, 9th Air Force, on both tactical and strategic bombing missions over enemy occupied Europe. Did both day and night bombing. Bombed Cologne, Ruhr Valley, Rhine Valley, etc. Flew 20 combat missions, 65 combat hours, 605 total hours. Flew 4 Flight Leads.

Decorations and Awards: Air Medal (3 clusters), Distinguished Unit Badge, European and Middle Eastern Ribbon (4 battle stars), Good Conduct Medal. Enlisted Service: ERC July 42 to Feb 43. Aviation Cadet training Feb 43 to Feb 44.

Made forced parachute jump from battle damaged Martin B-26 Marauder bomber near Hendon Airdrome, England, on 31 August 44. Entered Foreign Service 17 January 1944. Arrived European Theatre of Operations (ETO) 23 July 1944. Arrived in European Continent on 29 September 1944 per Secret Orders, Headquarters 9th Bomb Division, dd 17 October 1944. On 26 November 1944 officer made emergency parachute jump from battle damaged Martin B-26 Marauder bomber on returning from bombing mission to target near Duren, Germany. He landed about 1 mile southeast of Julich, Germany, along the Boar River, which was occupied by the German Army. Officer made his way across "No Man's Land" and reached American Battle lines and returned to his unit.

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