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Duryea N. Warn
USAAF Gunner, Staff Sergeant
391st BS, 572nd SQ

October 1943. Lowry Field. Denver, CO.

My B-26 story begins in Tampa, Florida. Assigned to the 391st Bomb Group of the 9th tactical air corps. From MacDill Field the group moved to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Trained in loading ammunition and bombs on the B-26 Marauder. We then went to Godman Field in Kentucky preparing for final training prior to overseas duty in England. Departed on the French Ocean liner “Ile de France”, a luxury ship, but we had no luxuries crossing the Atlantic. Prepared for D-Day in England. Thirty days after the landings we were in France Air Field, Roye/Ami. Moved to air field in Belgium until VE-Day May 1945. Flew home in A-26 to Hunterfield, Georgia, August 2, 1945.

Activation Dates
Jan. 21, 1943- Tampa, Florida. MacDill Field
May 24, 1943- Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
Sept. 4, 1943- Godman Field, Kentucky.
Jan. 15, 1944- Camp Shanks, New York.
Jan. 16, 1944- On Board luxury liner “Ile de France”.
Jan. 25, 1944- Landed Gourock, Scotland.
Jan. 26, 1944- Matching, England. Field #166
June 6, 1944- Omaha. D-Day
Feb. 23, 1945- 1st Mission-Holland
Mar.-Apr. 1945- Roye/Ami France. (Received Air Medal 3/23/1945)
Apr. 22, 1945- Moved to Asch, Belgium Y-29
May 8, 1945- VE-Day
May 27-June 30, 1945- B-50 Vit Ryen Artoie, France.
Oct. 10, 1945- At staging area

*S/Sgt Warn- Total Service= 2 years, 11 months, 9 days.

Back home 1945, with mother and family. Santa Cruz, CA.

Denver, CO. On way to Lowry Field.

572nd Bomb Squad. Roye Ami, France. Gunnery School.

S/SGT Duryea Warn. 1943

Godman Field. Louisville, KY.

572nd Armament. Myrtle Beach, SC.

Standing: Joe Hangge, Wash. Paul Peterson, Wash. Dewey Holliman, Ala. Russ Vanarsdale, Mass. Bill Wright, Pa. F. McKercher, Wis. Joe Spudic, Pa. 1st Lt., Nicholson. John Burkett, NC. M. McDonough, Mass. Maden, Texas. Bob Aker, Mass. Eric Orzolek, NY. Mory Daniel, Va. Denny Ford, SC. Don Stevens, Pa. Chas Kennedy, Ohio. 2nd Lt. Wilson, Pa.

Kneeling: Joe Haegele, Wis. Bill Orr, RI. John Calabria, NY. Geo Bretell, NJ. Claude Frantz, NJ. D N. Warn, Cal. Clifford Forman, Ohio. R. Newkirk, Okla. Black Mike, NY. Cousin, NY.

Sitting: A. Jodloski, NJ. Wheller Bailey, W Va. Schwakhoffer, Texas. Leidenheimer, Ohio. Eddie Hendren, NY. Vlad Janak, Nebr. H, Garrahan, Mont.

Taken at Armament Tent. Myrtle Beach Bombing Range, South Carolina.

P.F.C. William Boyd (Nephew of Hop-a-long Cassidy) and Cervone. Lowry Field.

St. Lo France en route to Roye Ami via Panzer German tank.

Roye Ami, France. Gunnery school. S/SGT Warn instructing on far right.

B-26 Marauder, somewhere over France. 1944

S/SGT Warn atop an A-26 Invader for preflight inspections.

B-26 Dream Queen.

2 crash landings from Roye Ami, France. February 24, 1945. Ordeal by flak, featured in the book "Marauder Man" by Ken Brown.

B-17 Group. England. Bottom Row from left: Maurice Carlson (P.O.W. tailgunner, shot down.) Cousin of Duryea Warn.

Myrtle Beach, SC.

V-Mail letter home.

Myrtle Beach, SC.

MacDill Field. Tampa, FL. Vital Area Pass.

Some of S/SGT Warn’s military achievements. Proud to live to tell the tale.

List of some missions, pilots, navigators, and bombardiers.


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