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David J. Miller
Pilot, 559th Bomb Squadron, 387th Bomb Group

Crew: Joe Walters, Pilot; David Miller, Co-pilot, John Gregg, Bomb/Navigator
Monte Wood, Radio/Waist gunner; Billy Sanders, Engineer/Turret gunner; David McKinley, Tail gunner


Joe Walters, deceased; Miller, alive and well; John Gregg, deceased; Monte Wood, deceased.

I have not had a reply for years from Billie Sanders TX or David McKinley. David was the only crew member injured by flak on one of our missions was sent home, became a lawyer in PA.

John Gregg, Bombardier/Navigator flew a few mission with us before being assigned to group lead etc.

We were a replacement crew thus, we were not always on the same crew.

I flew a total of 58 missions. most of them from the right seat before checked out in the left seat.


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