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Clifton "Parker" Smilie
Navigator, Bombardier
323rd BG, 455th BS

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Left to Right: Standing - Robert E. Felt (P); Clifton Parker Smilie (B); Gordon K. Craig (EG); Brandon (Crew Chief); Fredrick C. Wooten (G). Knelling - Robert K. Offutt (RG)

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9th Bomber Command Staff briefing.  Standing. Maj Gen. Samuel E. Anderson, Commander.  Around the table to his right, Maj Dave Williams, Commander Navigator, Parker Smilie, Asst. Command Bombardier; next three unknown; Henry Arrington, 2nd Asst. Bombardier.  Next 3 also unknown.  Man on Generals left is Maj Dave Freeman, Generals Aid.

*  Note that on this particular day we flew 3272 sorties with the RAF standing down.

Chart of 323rd Bomb Group bomb missions.


D Day, Martin B-26 Marauder

This was a good friend of mine who took a direct hit from an 88 in his starboard engine.   Obviously the shell didn't explode, but for some reason none of the crew got out.   This was over France on "D" day.

D Day, Martin B-26 Marauder


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A flight of B-26's over one of the French or Belgian German fighter bases.  This was a common practice before the big Heavy Bomber raids.  If they stayed on the ground waiting for the big force, they would likely be destroyed or damaged.  If they took off, they would be back on the ground refueling.

323rd Bomb Group, Martin B-26 Marauder bombing mission

B-26 over German fighter base.


455th Bomb Squadron - Original 14 Aircraft ( White Tail Marauders ) and crews
Download and print - PDF file - 512KB

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