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Clifton R. Freeman, Pilot
322 Bomb Group, 451 Bomb Squadron

Missing Hometown flier, Freeman, Pictured on Lake Theater Screen

Thousands of Barberton movie fans saw this view last month of Lieutenant Clifton Roszell Freeman, 20, son of Mr. and Mrs. John C. Freeman, of Hametown, when he was pictured in a B-26 bomber on a flying mission over Europe.

Several days after the parents were notified March 17 that he was missing in action following a raid over France, be was recognized on the screen at the Lake Theater here during the showing of the news reel which pictured him as one of the youngest pilots in the Ninth Air Force stationed in England. A week later he appeared in news reel at the Lake Theater also.

Through efforts of Louis Momchilov at the theater, the parents were able to get two still pictures of Lieutenant Freeman. Numerous friends of the lad recognized "Rozzie", and Mrs. Freeman this week expressed her appreciation for many letters she has received from persons who recognized him.

The telegram from the War Department said that be was missing in action during a raid over France, February 29, 1944. Also missing was one other Ohioan in the crew, a Wooster youth with whose parents the Freeman's have compared notes.

Hopes of the family that he is still alive were bolstered Wednesday when a letter arrived from one of his pals, Lieutenant James L. Lemmond, saying Lieutenant Freeman's plane was seen number by a number of men to go down but apparently under control although without power from one engine. He probably is prisoner of the Nazis. Lieutenant Lemmond said "he is one of the calmest and most natural pilots I have known."

Lieutenant Freeman enlisted March 20, 1942; received his commission Feb, 16, 1943, and flew his plane across to England last June. He was due to be promoted to first lieutenant before his next birthday in June. He has been decorated with the Air Medal, Distinguished Flying Cross, and three Oak Leaf clusters.


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