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Clifford Lang Brokaw
555th Bomb Squadron, 386th Bomb Group

This photo is labeled Glass Hat, Shreveport’s Finest Cocktail Lounge. Shreveport is home to Barksdale AFB which has a Marauder connection.
The dog is Mrs. Mary Orr Brokaw's beloved cocker spaniel, Blackie. To the right of the dog is Mr. and Mrs. Brokaw.

Clifford Lang Brokaw

Milford O. "Moe" Elling, Clifford L. "Cliff" Brokaw, "Toby" Underwood, Clarence E. "Cy" Cyford, Andy P. "Andy" Bonnicksen, "Sambo" Sampson

What eventually happened to this plane?
41-31624, 386BG 555BS "LORETTA YOUNG" Code YA-S Mission Nos. 80
20 May 44 crashed, engine failure on take off
Capt. Phillip Tenor

Clifford Lang Brokaw, 2nd from right

What ever happened to this plane? 41-34948 386BG 555BS "MISS MURIEL", Code YA-K, Mission No. 19
3 Oct 43 gear retracted while still on the ground at Great Dunmow, salvaged
Lt. Paul Bartolain

Clifford Brokaw is seated, 3rd from left

Headquarters Fort Ritchie
Headquarters Fort Ritchie

Whatever happened to this plane?

41-31625 386BG 555BS "HELL'S FURY" YA-R 26 MARC 1413

13 Dec 43 direct flak hit inboard left engine, burst into flames from this point to rear, left wing broke off at root, soon after right wing broke off,the fuselage disintegrating. Pilot blown out of aircraft when it exploded.

Capt. Raymond P. Sanford; F/O Raymond C Roberts; 1.Lt Charles A Jackson; T/Sgt Sloane B Peterson; S/Sgts Robert M Becker; William R Turner; Herbert M King. (Sanford POW, rest of crew KIA)

41-31614 386BG 555BS "HELLS A POPPIN" Code: YA-X Mission Nos. 14
3 Oct 43 flak damaged hydraulics, landed without brakes, crashed, salvaged
Lt. Wilfred O. Elling

"One of my classmates in a concentrated face, except it's a real shot flying formation. We don't fly too close in these ships.
If you look close you can see one of the 2000 HP engines ticking along. Sorry I don't have a picture of myself, other arm is on throttles.

41-31624 386BG 555BS LORETTA YOUNG YA-S 80

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