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Charles F Anderson
585th Bomb Squadron, 394th Bomb Group

This picture was taken in Germany in 1945 not too long before the war over in Europe.

Charles Frederick Anderson was born July 4, 1924 in Norwood, Massachusetts. His father was born in Sweden and arrived to the US through Ellis Island when he was 17 years old. His mother was born in England and served as a nurse in World War I.

In high school, Charles and his friends watched the war as it started in Europe. After Pearl Harbor, Charles and his friends decided that they would all go together and volunteer and enlist in the army. They were told that if they volunteered, they could choose what service they wanted to be in. Charles chose the United States Army Air Corp.

Charles was inducted into the United States Army Air Corp on November 16, 1942 in Boston, Massachusetts. He did some of his early training in Atlantic City. His first assignment was at MacDill Field in Florida. He trained as a Teletype Operator and a Carbine Marksman.

After MacDill Field, Charles and his buddies were transferred to Ardmore, Oklahoma. The Air Corp base was in the small town of Gene Autry, Oklahoma which was just outside of Ardmore. Here, he was trained to fly on the B-26 Marauder Bomber. This group of men was the 584th Bombardment Squadron.

It was in Ardmore that he met his future wife, Velma Lucile Boyer. After the war, they were married and the marriage lasted for almost 64 years.

After Ardmore, Charles and his buddies were transferred to Chanute Field in Illinois. They also trained in Michigan and in Camp Atterbury, Indiana, before going overseas to England. In England, they participated in D-Day and the air offensive over Europe. He was in Germany when the war ended.

His separation date from the United States Army Air Corp was November 16th, 1945. The separation occurred at Fort Devens, Massachusetts.

Charles passed away on December 26, 2009 in Indianapolis, Indiana. He was given military honors at his funeral on December 30, 2009. He is survived by his wife, Velma Anderson; and three children: Chris Anderson, Cheryl Anderson, and Alan Anderson and Alan’s wife, Julie. Charles has four grandchildren: Caitlin Anderson and Claire Anderson, the children of Cheryl and Marissa Anderson and Mitchell Anderson, the children of Alan and Julie.

We love dad and we miss him dearly. We are so proud of his service to this country during World War II. To us, he is Grandpa, but during the war, he was the consummate “Marauder Man”.

This letter was sent to my fiancé, now wife of 63 years. You can see by the date that it was shortly before the D-Day invasion. I obviously had mentioned something that I should not have said and it was cut out. You will note that the censor made a comment “so sorry, the censor”.  His name is on the envelope.

This one dollar bill was used by me to show all the places that I was in from the time that went into the service until I was discharged.

Plane skid on the runway. This was in Cambrai, France

Pictured is the 394th Bomb Squadron receiving the Presidential Citation.

At sometime I transferred from flying to Headquarters and there I had access to the maps for the flying missions. This is one of those maps.

This picture shows German prisoners of war. The General bragged to us that he was going to the United States and would have all the food that he could eat and be safe and we would still be in “harms way”

This is the German General, General Ulster and his staff, who had been captured and were at our base at Brioy Airdome. They were headed back to the United States. He bragged to us that he was going back to the State and would have plenty of food and we would still be here fighting the war.


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