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W/O Arnost MRTVY
Fighter Wing: 134 RAF Wing, Squadron: 313 RAF Sqn

Name: W/O Arnost MRTVY
Fighter Wing: 134 RAF Wing
Squadron: 313 RAF Sqn
Years: April 1944
Location: Antwerp, Belgium
Comments: I was a Czech RAF Voluntary Reserve pilot from a Czech 313 RAF Squadron. In July 1939, I fled for the Nazi-occupation of my country. I escaped through Poland and France. In July 1940, I escaped again to England where I started training with the RAF. I ended up in 313 Sqn, the last Czech Sqn established during WWII. On 19 April 1944, I provided Spitfire escort support to a B-26 bomber mission to the Malines Marshalling Yards. 391 Bomb Group reported later that “it was one of the best escorts ever provided”. Unfortunately, I was not able to make it back to England. I was engaged by Fw-190 beyond the Target Area; I was able to bail out and open my parachute. An SS AA-unit shot my parachute to pieces and I did not survive the fall. I am now berried in the Commonwealth War Grave Commission section of the Schoonselhof near Antwerp, Belgium. My tombstone can be viewed [here].  My ghost-writer is now taking care and is trying to keep my memory and all of those fallen airmen back to live.
The first box flight names alludes to 386 Bomb Group

LEAD BOX            BOX 2
Flight 1 (555Sqn)     Flight1 (554Sqn)
KELLY J.W.           WHITE T.J.
ELDRIDGE             TANCK
ABERSON              HILLIS
LAGERSON            KELLY F.S.
MOORE                  MOGRATH

Flight 2: (553Sqn)     Flight 2: (557Sqn)
POTTER               SCOTT
SNYDER              FANSLER

Flight 3:                                 Flight 3:
VOORHEES (555Sqn)        PETIT (554Sqn)
DARNALL (555Sqn)           PAYNE (554Sqn)
DUNLOP (555Sqn)             HEIGHLEY (554Sqn)
ALBERS (557Sqn)               LING (553Sqn)
BOWLING (557Sqn)           RICHARDSON (553Sqn)
HATCH    (557Sqn)             REEVES (553Sqn)

EXTRA: (555Sqn)                EXTRA: (554Sqn)
KENDALL                           PRICE

The names of the pilots of the 394 BG boxes. I guess these followed 387 BG of which no records have been found.

LEAD BOX            BOX 2
Flight 1                    Flight1
SCHULTE              HOWARD
GEHLER                LINDSEY
PARNELL              KISSELL
HARTLEY              PALMER

Flight 2:                   Flight 2:
KEATING              JOY
KUBALA               Mc CALLUM
WARD                   GIBBS
FRASER                 DOLAN
RINKEL                 KIRBY

Flight 3:                   Flight 3:
POTTS                   GEDEON
RUSSELL               MURFIELD
WILBERG              CLARKE
KERSEY                WILSON

EXTRA:                  EXTRA:

Malines mission, April 19, 1944, pt 1
Malines mission, April 19, 1944, pt 2
Malines mission, April 19, 1944, pt 3

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