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September 16, 1944

Dear Mrs. Hill,

This is just a line to let you know that Albert is doing a fine job overseas end that he is feeling fine.

By the time that this letter reaches you Albert will probably be in France. The group was supposed to move just south of Paris around September 20th. Albert should be a Major very soon because he is group bombardier now and doing an excellent job. I have flown with him for a long time and I can easily say that he is the bravest man that I have ever seen in combat. His ability and experience are of the highest tradition that I have ever seen in any man in the Air Force. I know that you are as proud of your son as all of us in the group are of him.

About a month ago Ed H. Murrow made a broadcast from England over CBS and in it he described a mission mere he had accompanied our crew. The broadcast was made on Sunday the 13th of August and he was describing a mission of the 12th. My wife and mother both wrote for copies and you could do the same but if you are unable to obtain the script, please write me and I will see that you have a copy. Mr. Marrow talked a good deal about Al and I know that you will be very interested in reading it.

Me sincerely hope that you are feeling all right now and that you are completely over the trouble you had last winter. My wife, my family and I are praying with you for your son's safe and speedy return.

Very Sincerely,
D.H. Dewhurst
Lt. Col. A.A.C.


Dave Dewhurst was our 553rd Sq. Operations Officer. He was my pilot for most of my missions out of England in 1943-1944. He was one of my best friends. He completed 81 combat missions, mostly in the Lead Position. He was killed in a Texas highway accident just a short time after finishing his tour and arriving at his home in San Antonio. He was one of the very best this country ever produced, as a man, as a pilot and as an Air Force Officer. AEH

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