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Marauder Men, please list your crew and plane, and tell us something about yourself. Share one of your Marauder experiences. Thanks!

Descendants and friends of Marauder men are welcome to add whatever they want to the website. Tell a story, send pictures, have fun! The website is more yours than you might think it is.

The guest book is dedicated to the men and women who supported the Martin B-26. Whatever your affiliation with the Martin B-26, this message board is for you.

Add as much information as possible: Group, Squadron, Theatre of operations, Dates of service in unit, Duty of person, i.e. pilot, co-pilot, etc., Dates of incident, Name & Tail # of Plane (for example: Screaming Eagle 334-341). The more information the better.

Send email to: contact-b26.com (replace the dash "-" with @)

Try to follow the example below or just tell us a story of your experiences.

(Cut & Paste)
Marauderman's Name:
Bomb Group:
Bomb Squadron:
Years in service:
Graduation Class:
Class Location:

  George Loder
BombGp:  387
Squadron:  557
Years:  43-46
Class:  43K
Location:  Columbus, MS
Comments:  I was a B-26 pilot, didn't get to the ETO until February '45. I spent 50 days in the hospital after a crash at Dodge City, Ks. Air Base in 1944 and then while ferrying a B-26 to the ETO by way of the southern route I had an engine start cutting out. We made it to Fortalaza Brazil where we spent thirty days waiting for parts from the states that never came. We went on to the Replacement Depot at Stone, England finally arriving there on Valentines Day 1944. When the war ended in Europe I elected to stay there, I didn't have enough points to go home and the Pacific did not attract me. I spent thirteen months flying C-47s with the ATC. While I didn't see much hostile action, the B-26 will always be a very important part of my life because it was during my hospitalization after the crash at Dodge City that I met the Air Force Nurse who is now my wife of fifty-six years.

Q. "How do I add a dedication page to B26.COM?". This is a dedication page: http://www.b26.com/marauderman/bob_brockett.htm

You can send pictures and text documents US Priority Mail with a piece of cardboard inside to me to scan and promptly return back to you.

FedEx Kinkos offers self and full service options, and they ship on site.

Find a Kodak Picture Maker in your area. Wal-Mart, Rite-Aid, Walgreen's, CVS have the easy to use machines.

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