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9:23 AM
Name: Sgt. Victor Turner Spivey, Jr., #XXXX9691
Bomb Group: 344
Bomb Squadron: 496
KIA: March 28, 1945

Sgt. Spivey was a college student at my alma mater, John Brown University in Siloam Springs, Arkansas, during 1941-1943. His memorial service in 1949, after his body was returned from Europe, was in the great Cathedral of the Ozarks on campus, and he was re-buried in the Oak Hill Cemetery across the street from the college. Our university records indicate he was KIA on 3/28/1945 as a tail gunner on a medium bomber, and the official headstone application gives his unit as 344 BG / 496 BS. A newspaper account from 4/16/1945 announcing his death says he was a gunner on a B-26, and a 5/5/1949 article says his "body was recently returned from France where he was the victim of an airplane crash March 28, 1945, along with the rest of the crew in his aircraft which was returning from a mission over Germany."

You may see where I'm going with my question ... I am aware of the two B-26s -- pilots Hedstrom and Williamson -- from 496 BS that crashed into each other on 3/28/1945, killing all aboard. However, I have not been able to locate the MACRs on any websites, and the information I have found on various websites does not mention a Sgt. Spivey among the dead in this collision.

Do you have any information that would list the entire crews of the two planes? Anything to help clarify if Spivey died in this incident or some other?

Paul T. Semones
John Brown University Class of 1999

12:12 PM
Marauderman's Name: William J. Cashen Jr. (O-833708)
Bomb Group: 17th
Bomb Squadron: 432nd
Years in Service: 1943-1945
Graduation Class: Unknown
Class Location: Unknown
Comments: William J. Cashen Jr. died on 12 May 1945 when the B26 he was co-piloting crashed near Fontenelle France. All crew members died in the crash. The mission was a "Local Test Hop" and it was suspected that failure of the right engine may have been the cause of the crash. Aircraft # 42-96037 Model B-26B55

Morton, Richard C. (Pilot)
Cashen, William J. (Co-Pilot)
Ray, Dezz F.
Wood, William C.
Tkachuk, Reuben J.
Reynolds, Mathew
Beckett, George A.
Thompson, Denver

8:13 PM
I read with interest an e-mail dated 5/28/09 Timed at 7:04 PM signed by Laura Morris. Headed Marauderman’s Name: Homer Ross McClure “Mac”.
I would like to assure her family that the pilot and crew are still remembered in Crowborough along with others who lost their lives. Please see the attach photo of our memorial with their names on it. As they may be aware the Vicar of Crowborough Sussex at the time wrote to Colonel Joe Kelly expressing sympathy from the community for their lost and the town’s “profound admiration for the pilot who so skillfully avoided hitting any of the dwellings in the vicinity”. Whilst I was born later that year my Grandparents lived close to the crash site so I knew all about it when I was growing up. I am a member of the Crowborough Branch of the Royal British Legion, being a former Royal Marine Commando, and it would therefore be nice to have an e-mail contact with the family if that is possible.
Yours sincerely
John A Bailey

1:22 PM
John E. Campbell
449th Bomb Squadron
322 Bomb Group
3 years in service
Rank: T/Sgt Gunner
Aircraft: B-24, B-25 Africa, A-20 Detached Service for RCAF, B-26 England and France, A-26 Belgium
Squadron Designation "PN"

I understand that my uncle John flew 75 Missions and was shot down over France, he and I believe the Radio operator where the only survivors.

They made there way thru the countryside mostly at night and until being picked up by the French underground.

My aunt has long past and my fathers attempt to acquire his service record and memorabilia have failed however I do have his "lucky charm" that he refused to fly without, a dagger that my grandfather made for him. I also have his class A uniform.

My uncle did sustain a wound in his right forearm a bullet from a FW-190 which he still has or had.

I would greatly appreciate any info that you could toss my way regarding his service.

Thank So Much!

Steven A. Campbell
9th AAF fan.

3:18 AM
I am an interpretive guide for the American Battle Monuments Commission and lately I have found very interesting and precious information about George R. Moon on your site.

George R. Moon is buried at the Normandy American Cemetery and, as some of his letters sent to his family are published on your site, I was wondering if you could provide me with information regarding the original ones. Were they entrusted to you by his family or were they part of a publication? Would it be possible to have a copy of the original letters he wrote?

Thank you for your help and understanding,

Yours faithfully,
Muriel Rambert
Interpretive Guide

American Battle Monuments Commission | Normandy American Cemetery
“Omaha Beach” | 14710 Colleville-sur-mer, FRANCE

7:48 PM
Marauderman's Name: Thomas G. Murphy
Bomb Group: 344th
Bomb Squadron: 497th
Years in service: 1942 - 1944
Graduation Class: Unknown
Class Location: Aviation Cadet, Thunderbird Field, Phoenix Arizona
Pilot Wings, Roswell, New Mexico

Comments: I am posting this Dedication Page to honor my Great Uncle Thomas G. Murphy’s 100th Birthday on November 14, 2017. Tom grew up in Kokomo Indiana and named his Marauder the “Kokomo Kid”. I attached a newspaper article from the Kokomo Tribune dated June 24, 1944. As mentioned in the article, Tom’s sister Margaret Beechy is my Grandmother. It was from her that I received this newspaper article, photos and other mementos.

I found your great website a couple of years ago and photos of Tom on Robert Harwell’s dedication pages.

Robert Harwell
Book 1, Page 69 Shows Flight Jacket Art with Dan Brawner, Del Bentley, Tom Murphy, and Robert Wilson.
Book 2, Page 14 D-Day 2nd Mission, Shows Tom’s Position: Box I, Flight 3, Lead in 7I-H.
Book 2, Page 58 Shows 2 photos of Tom and Dan Brawner.
Book 3, page 66 Headquarters Squadron goes for Rest. Major Tom Murphy

In researching my Great Uncle Tom, I have been unable to find photos of his plane. I have the photo of his crew, used for the newspaper article, but no full plane photos. I believe the Kokomo Kid fuselage code was 7I-N Serial number 42-95963. I am curious as to what happened to the Kokomo Kid. As listed above on the D-Day mission, he flew 7I-H (Terre Haute Tornado) which was R. E. Wilson’s plane. I attached a photo of the Kokomo Kid in the scrap yard. Back of photo is marked “A SAD ENDING”. I would also like to know more about Tom’s Service record. I have no information other than the newspaper article.

Kokomo Kid Crew
Pilot Thomas G. Murphy, Captain, Galveston, Indiana
Co-Pilot Francis J. Healy, Lieutenant, Binghamton, New York
Navigator Harold L. Reeves, Lieutenant, Harvard, Nebraska
Bombardier Joseph Johnson, Lieutenant, Ridgeway, Pennsylvania
Engineer Gunner Charles E Durham, Sergeant, Pasadena, California
Armorer Gunner Maurice J. Fanning, Sergeant, Bayside Long Island
Radio Oper/Gunner R. F. Fitch, Sergeant, Saco, ME

Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for this great Website.

Jon Coffee
Great Nephew of Marauder Man Major Thomas G. Murphy

11:09 AM
Marauderman's Name: James Byron Ford
Bomb Group: 555th
Bomb Squadron:386th
Years in service: IDK
Graduation Class: IDK
Class Location:
Comments: My dad’s name was James Byron Ford aka Jim Ford. His Navigator/ Bombardier was Raymond Davis aka Buzz. They were in theater June 6th 1944. I have some old pictures if you would like a copy. They began their tour at Great Dunmow air field then they moved to Beaumont sir Elise, and finally stationed at St. Tron. I believe they transitioned to the B-26 in France.

I have pictures from Great Dunmow, Beaumont sir Elise, and Saint Tron. Thank you for recording history and the people who lived it.

Bill Ford

9:08 AM
Marauderman's Name: SSgt Robert D. Roy
Bomb Group: 387th
Bomb Squadron: 559th
Years of service: 1942-1945
Graduation Class: Unknown
Class Location: Unknown
Comments: I am the grandson of SSgt Robert Roy. I am currently looking for any and all information I can on my grandfather during his time as a tail gunner on aircraft 41-31723 "Flying Ginny". I was pretty young at 9 years old when he passed away, and can't remember any of the stories he told. He did rarely talk about his service, and I regret that my mother never recorded his stories. I have all of his original orders and medal/award citations on hand. I know he was at Barksdale, LA for a period, either for training or awaiting to go to England because Barksdale is where he met my grandmother Mary Roy. Him and his crew flew missions out of Chipping Ognar, England for the Eighth and Ninth Air Force's. His original flight crew were the following:

Pilot: First Lt. Henry Patrick III
Co-Pilot: Second Lt. Lyndon Stauffacher
Bombardier: First Lt. John Sauser
Flt Engineer/Gunner: SSgt Clarence Shanks
Radio Oper./Gunner: SSgt George Van Doren

I'm am looking to connect with any relatives of his flight crew named above or anyone with information about their specific missions and accomplishments. Thank you!

3:26 PM
Good afternoon, my name is Maj Paul Knoedler and I have kind of a strange request for you, I was wondering if you know the contact information of any living relatives of Maj Joseph Hemingway Richardson?  He was the first combat squadron commander of the 558th Bombardment Squadron back in 1944 when he died and we are going to memorialize a room in our current squadron for him here in San Antonio, Texas.  Our squadron is now a flying training squadron, but we still like to honor our heritage going back to WWII.  So we are trying to track down the next-of-kin of Maj Richardson to invite them to our memorialization ceremony.  Any information you have would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks for your help and let me know if you have any questions.

Chief of Safety, 558th Flying Training Squadron
JBSA - Randolph, TX

41-32013 387BG 559BS "THE ARKANSAS TRAVELLER" Code TQ-P Missions 21 MARC  2332
4 Dec 43 to 25 Feb 44 attacked by enemy fighters 20 miles off Dutch coast, hit in first pass, dragged back out of formation, peeled off to right with right wing in flames, right propeller windmilling crashed into sea 20m off Dutch coast

Maj John H Richardson P; 1.Lt's William R Stewart C/P; Clyde T Dailey N; George B Robertson Gee N; Capt John P Coburn B; T/Sgt Howard C Miller, Jr R/G; S/Sgt's Jack E Hutchison E/G; Harry R Lambertson, Jr., T/G; Melbourne D Hindman A/G. Richardson flying with 558th.BS crew. (all killed)

6:08 AM
Marauderman's Name: Howard E. Mance Jr.
Bomb Group: 322nd
Bomb Squadron: 449, 450, 451
Years in service: 1942-1945
Graduation Class: 10 Feb 43, Flexible Gunnery School
Class Location: Ft Myers FL
Comments: Dad (family nicknames “Swampy,” “Junior,” “Jun”) flew as a Gunner and as a Bombardier in B-26’s (two he mentioned before passing away in 2004 were “Idiot’s Delight” and “Clark’s Little Pill”) while in England (Andrews Field, Great Saling) between June 43 and Sept 44. He made Sgt out of Gunnery School in FL, then made Staff Sgt while with the 322nd (then busted back to Sgt after refusing to drop the load on target – he saw “our boys” on the target – and in the Channel on the way back – too many friendly ships; cleared and promoted back to SSG after imagery revealed he had been right). Also told story of one mission he thought he had “been hit” – but it turned out that flak had missed him, ruptured hydraulic lines overhead and behind – he felt the cold, numbness, and wet and thought he’d been wounded – rest of crew laughed their butts off when they saw what had really happened. One of his favorite Pubs was the White Hart in Great Saling. I know he was in 449 at least by June 43, then in 451 in Jan 44, then in 450 by May 44. Anyone with any info, please post and/or email me. -Howard E. Mance III

3:51 PM
Marauderman's Name: Sgt Charles Dause "Snooks" Powers
Bomb Group: 386th Bombardment Group
Bomb Squadron: 553rd Bomber Squadron
Years in service: Volunteered for the Draft; Enlisted January 22, 1943, from Henderson County, Tennessee; Place of Enlistment: Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia; MIA on March 25, 1944; FOD on March 26, 1945.
Graduation Class: Graduated tech school on July 20, 1943
Class Location: United States Army 9th Air Force, Air Forces Technical School, Lowry Field, Denver Colorado
Comments: My Great-Uncle, Charles Powers, from Henderson County, Tennessee, volunteered for the draft at the age of 19 years old. He hoped to be a pilot, but after graduation from tech school, he was appointed as an Armored Tail Gunner with the 553rd Bomber Squadron, 386th Bombardment Group. His plane “The Minuteman” a B-26 Marauder, Serial No. 41-31775, AN-N, was piloted by Lt. Elliott Sanger Betts, Pilot and 2nd Lt. Leonard Ralph Burnett, Jr., Co-Pilot. On its 140th mission on March 25, 1944, destination France, the plane had taken enemy fire, and all of the crew members ejected between 2,000 and 1,500 feet, with the pilot being the last to eject at 800 ft. Most, if not all, of the rudder as well as one-third of the right wing were destroyed. Communication was received from Uncle Charles that he was injured with cuts on his head, arm, and legs. The plane went down over the English Channel, and the pilot and co-pilot landed close enough together that they were able to hold to each other’s dinghies. Voices could be heard from the other crew members calling for help three different times, but the sources of the voices could not be located. The four remaining crew members were lost at sea. The pilot and co-pilot were rescued three days later on March 28, 1944 floating in their dinghies. Uncle Charles’ status was MIA, and he was declared dead by a Finding of Death under the laws at that time, exactly one year and one day later, on March 26, 1945. He was awarded the Air Medal, American Campaign Medal, World War II Victory Medal, and the Purple Heart. Uncle Charles was unmarried and had no children. His body was never recovered, but he is listed along with 461 others on the Tablets of the Missing at the Ardennes American War Memorial Cemetery in Nupre,’ Belgium.

4:50 PM
Marauderman's Name: William E. Turner
Bomb Group: 386th
Bomb Squadron: 555
Years in service:
Graduation Class:
Class Location:
Comments: Aircraft 131625 YA-R, Hell's Fury, Mission 55

I found this website and guest book from a link to http://www.b26.com/historian/chester_klier/055.htm in yesterday's Tennessean newspaper online. The article was about Staff Sgt. William E. Turner, who lost his life serving his country while on a bombing mission over Amsterdam on 12-13-43. After over 73 years, he was finally returned to his home of Tennessee today. I just wanted to describe Staff Sgt. Turner's final flight home from the Dallas/Ft. Worth airport to Nashville.

Staff Sgt. Turner was transferred to our aircraft, an MD-80, at gate C2, before all passengers boarded. This is the gate that is usually used for the many dignified transfers of our fallen heroes. Many airline personnel (gate agents, mechanics, pilots, fleet service/ground crews) as well as a DFW airport chaplain, military escort, and others who were available, stood at attention at the side of the airplane as he was transferred. Some saluted, some placed their hands over their hearts. Several volunteer airline employees who are trained to do the transfer with honor and dignity placed the American flag over the casket as he was transferred. Most of the passengers stood in silence, out of respect, looking down from the terminal windows. As we taxied out to the runway, two large firetrucks from the DFW rescue/fire fighting department provided a water canon salute, one on each side of the airplane. We taxied through two huge arches of water. When we arrived in Nashville, a large group of people were waiting at the gate, on the ramp, next to where we parked. This included most of the Nashville airline personnel who were available, a military honor guard, news crews, and others. Passengers waiting to depart Nashville were standing at the windows above in the gate area. The military honor escort deplaned first, while all passengers remained seated. At plane-side, a military honor guard made the transfer of Staff Sgt. Turner. All stood at attention and saluted or held their hand over their hearts.

I felt compelled to write this because these events are witnessed by so few, yet are important for everyone to know about. It took so long for this airman to return home, but he was never forgotten by his country or his family. We will never forget the sacrifices made by our parent's generation. It was a huge honor for me, and very humbling, to be a small part of this historic event. When I came to work today, I didn't know anything about Staff Sgt. Turner or the role that the B-26 played on 12-13-43. Thanks to those that have kept the history alive with this website and guest book. My dad was serving in the south Pacific at the time of Mission 55. I could have used a resource like this while researching his service in the Navy.

Staff Sgt. Turner's last flight and landing in a B-26 was not a good one. We were determined to make his last flight as smooth as possible. As we touched down on runway 20L at Nashville, there must have been angels under our wings. It was really one of the smoothest landings that I've ever witnessed in my 43 years as a pilot. I made the landing, but I can't take credit for it. It was the angels. They had been waiting over 73 years for the assist. Rest in peace my fellow airman. What a privilege and blessing to be a small part of something so big. Thank you and your family for your sacrifices.

Anonymous Pilot


9:48 AM
I am researching a collision that took place between two B26 aircraft on the 8th March 1944, over Stapleford Tawney, Essex. My reason is that I would like to put a memorial in the church commemorating the crews that lost their lives. However there appears to be two versions of the incident in question. One involves 2 aircraft from the 344th Bomb Group from Stansted. Both aircraft crashed with the loss of all on board both aircraft. The second version involves two B26 aircraft from Chipping Ongar. In this case one aircraft crashed killing all on board and the other managed to make it back to Chipping Ongar. (The two aircraft were ‘Double Trouble’ and ‘Itsy Bitsy.’

As far as I can ascertain there was only one accident on the 8 March at Stapleford Tawney and this is verified by local people at the time.

I would like to know which version is the correct one.

Martyn Lockwood
42-95925 344th Bomb Group 494th Bomb Squadron was in a mid air collision with 42-95981 in poor visibility just after take off over the village of Theydon Bois, Epping. Both aircraft crashed within 100 yards of each other 300 yards South of Mount Farm. Both crews were killed. Some damage was done to Sawkins Farm and Nos 8 & 12 Theydon Mount, also homes occupied by the West and Lloyd families at Tawney Common.
Trevor Allen, B26.COM Historian

5:33 PM
Thanks for all the hard work on B26.com and related. It is really impressive and fantastic. As a former commercial pilot myself, and growing up hearing the stories from my grandfather, I enjoy reading more of the stories. Edmund B. Dunn was my grandfather. He flew in the 391st Bombardment Group and won the distinguished service cross for his mission in B-26 43-34165. Several references on the site refer to his first name as Edward. It was Edmund. Edmund B. Dunn (Boompa, to me) died on Christmas Day 2005. http://www.b26.com/marauderman/ed_dunn.htm

43-34165 T6-H Lt. E. B. Dunn. Landed at base after being hit by an 88 mm below its turret and nearly blown in two. Pilot wounded and several crewman killed.

44 6
P DUNN, EDMUND B., 2LT, 0690065
RG SIMS, JAMES B., SSGT, 38015137
SOURCE: SO-157 HQS 3RD AF STG WG 6/5/1944 Par. 9
On 12/02/44, in 43-34165, double direct hits from 88's injured Dunn, Sims, and Wagner. A substitute FE was killed, who was probably SSgt Jesse M. Elerbee, as the hardback history lists him as killed; whereas, it lists the Ahrweiler mission crews as missing. Ed Armstrong advises that he then flew 5 missions as Col Williams's co-pilot and then 15 more missions checking out new crews. Dunn flew over in 42-107849. The particulars on Hartwell comes from 391st SO-126, dated 24 Sep 44. That he was aboard 34165 comes from Charlie Hartwell Ford. Since I had the crew without a bombardier and Hartwell without a crew, I have assumed that they belong together. Source: http://www.391stbombgroup.com/573crew.htm

Chris Dunn
43-34165, 391BG 573BS, Code T6-H, Missions Flown 31
14 Aug 44 to 2 Dec 44 crashlanded at base after 88mm shell exploded under mid upper turret and nearly cut plane in half, Pilot and R/G wounded, one crewman killed. Salvaged 2 Dec 44
1.Lt's. Edmund B. Dunn P; Edwin H Armstrong C/P; S/Sgt Oliver W Hartwell B/N; T/Sgt James B Sims R/G; S/Sgt's Jesse M Ellerbee E/G; John J Wagner A/G. (Dunn, Sims wounded, Ellerbee killed, rest of crew uninjured.)

Trevor Allen, B26 Historian

10:02 AM

I search with my friend Alexandre for information on a crew of B26:

B26 42-43286
452 Bs
322 Bg Medium
MACR 5711
Crash 13/06/1944
Crew member:
HOLMES Larry, Pilot (Normanday American Cemetery)
SHOOP James, Co-pilot (Normanday American Cemetery)
PUSTELNIK Georges, Tailgunner (Normanday American Cemetery)
CORONES James G, Bombardier (Normanday American Cemetery)
FISHER Irwing, Radio (unknown location)
DAWSON Georges D, Mecanicien (unknown location)

We already have information and photos from 3 members (Holmes, Shoop, Pustelnik) and we interact with their families.
We found the crash site recently. We are planning to organize in June 2018. We still miss a lot of information about this crew.
Can you help us? Can you help ?

Thank you very much,
Laurent and Alexandre

8:57 PM
Marauderman's Name: Lt James Shettles
Bomb Group: 322
Bomb Squadron:451
Years in service:1945
Graduation Class:
Class Location:
Comments:  Hello, my name is Gary Shettles. My dad’s first cousin, Lt. James Shettles, was killed in France on March 18, 1945 as his bomber was forming up with other bombers over the airfield. I understand that one bomber slid into formation too fast and collided with another bomber, resulting in the loss of three bombers and 18 men. I know it was an accident in time of war, but can anyone tell me if James was flying the bomber that collided with the first bomber, or was he flying the bomber that was destroyed when the other two aircraft blew up. I remember seeing his picture at my uncle’s house when I was a kid and have always been curious as to what happened to him. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



5:01 PM
I would like to make an entry in the hopes of finding anyone who may have known, or known about, my Uncle Vito Portanova.

SSGT. Vito Portanova (Engineer/Gunner) from Albany, NY
397 Bomb Group
599 Bomb Squad
KIA on 23 December 1944 in first wave of the Battle of the Bulge aboard the B-26B "Furrie" over Belgium. He is buried in Luxembourg American Cemetery.

Thank You,
Capt. Jim Albert

2:41 PM
I just read a post by John Bishop on 6/6/2017 that asked a question about B-26 Marauder flights on D-Day.

Since I found my dad’s flight records in an old service trunk back the early 90’s I have taken out those records and viewed them on the anniversary of D-Day. My dad passed away in 1972 and never really said much about his WWII service but according to the folks at the EAA museum in Oshkosh and at the B-26 museum in Akron he kept meticulous records. In his pilot log book he lists two flights on 6/6/1944. The first one is listed as B-26-B45, leaving from C and that it was his 39th sortie. He has indicated that he was the Co-Pilot and the mission lasted 2 hours and 50 minutes. I do not know where C is and there is nothing in his book but I believe he flew out of Matching Green so that could be C. The second entry for 6/6/1944 lists the same plane and same location – C. He lists that as his 40th sortie and he was again the Co-Pilot and the mission lasted 3 hours and 25 minutes.

There was also a small Penworthy note book in the trunk and on the first couple of pages he would draw a representation of a bomb to, I guess, signify the bombing missions. The top line of the first page has “Bombing Missions” on the top line and then there are four rows of representations of bombs with ten in each row. The last one in the fourth row has D-Day printed under it. On the second page there are three more rows of bomb sketches with ten each in the first two rows and eight in the third row. Interesting note for me is that his last bombing mission, #68, is listed as 8/13/1944 which is exactly two years before my birthday.

Thank-you and the staff at B26.COM for this excellent website.

Rich Erickson, Son of Marauder Man
Clarence V. Erickson, 391BG – 575BS

5:20 AM
Did Martin B-26 Marauder's fly on D-Day? If yes, do you have a list of the Martin B-26 Marauder's missions flown on D-Day?

Thank you, John Bishop

Martin B-26 Marauder Operations on 6th June 1944, D-Day

Unit | Target | Take Off Time | Bomb Release Time
1st Pathfinder Sqdn | Ouistreham 69 | 0345 hrs | 0520 hrs
322nd.Bomb Group | Ouistreham 69 | 0345 hrs | 0520 hrs
1st Pathfinder Sqdn | Bennerville | 0345 hrs | 0526 hrs
391st Bomb Group | Bennerville PFF B26 | 0345 hrs | 0517 hrs *
* did not drop its bombs
1st Pathfinder Sqdn | Ouistreham 74 | 0400 hrs | 0555 hrs
322nd Bomb Group | Ouistreham 74 | 0400 hrs | 0555 hrs
344th Bomb Group | Beau Guillot 20 | 0405 hrs | 0605 hrs
344th Bomb Group | La Madeleine 22 | 0355 hrs | 0608 hrs
344th Bomb Group | St Martin de Varreville 19 | 0410 hrs | 0609 hrs
387th Bomb Group | La Madeleine 36 | 0442 hrs | 0614 hrs
387th Bomb Group | Beau Guillot 23 | 0442 hrs | 0614 hrs
387th Bomb Group | Les Dunes de Varreville 104 | 0449 hrs | 0614 hrs
394th Bomb Group | St Martin de Varreville 19 | 0427 hrs | 0616 hrs
323rd Bomb Group | Beau Guillot 20 | 0400 hrs | 0616.5 hrs
323rd Bomb Group | La Madeleine 36 | 0425 hrs | 0617 hrs
323rd Bomb Group | St Martin de Varreville 101 | 0435 hrs | 0617.5 hrs
394th Bomb Group | La Madeleine 22 | 0427 hrs | 0617.5 hrs
394th Bomb Group | St Martin de Varreville 101 | 0427 hrs | 0618 hrs
397th Bomb Group | Les Dunes de Varreville 104 | 0407 hrs | 0619 hrs
397th Bomb Group | La Madeleine 36 | 0407 hrs | 0620 hrs
397th Bomb Group | Beau Guillot 23 | 0407 hrs | 0622 hrs
386th Bomb Group | Les Dunes de Varreville 104 | 0439 hrs | 0623 hrs
386th Bomb Group | La Madeleine | 0441 hrs | 0624 hrs
386th Bomb Group | St Martin de Varreville 101 | 0445 hrs | 0624 hrs
391st Bomb Group | Maisy 7 | 0445 hrs | 0625 hrs
391st Bomb Group | St Pierre du Mont | 0430 hrs | 0626 hrs
322nd Bomb Group | Montfarville 308 | 0500 hrs | 0627 hrs

Trevor Allen, Historian

4:21 PM

I am seeking information on my Great-Uncle Sgt Charles D. “Snooks” Powers from Henderson County, Tennessee, who was with the 553rd Bomber Squadron, 386th Bomber Group, Medium. According to another article statement I found on his listing on Fields of Honor database, he was a tail gunner whom was lost on a plane piloted by Lt. Elliott Sanger Betts, Pilot and 2nd Lt. Leonard Ralph Burnett, Jr., Co-Pilot. The plane went down over the English Channel on March 25, 1944, and the pilots were rescued on March 28, 1944 floating in their dinghies. All of the unit with the exception of 4 were recovered. Serial No. of his plane was 41-31775, bombardment mission, destination France. The plane was damaged by enemy fighters and had taken flak from enemy installations. The most, if not all, of the rudder as well as one-third of the right wing were destroyed. Since he was a tail gunner, it is unknown if he was killed by enemy fire or drowned. His status was MIA for some period of time until a Finding of Death under the laws at that time. He was awarded the Air Medal and Purple Heart.

Uncle Charles was unmarried with no children. My father, his nephew, was Army National Guard during Vietnam era, and my son is presently 7 yrs Air Force. I am doing to research for my dad as well as my sons.

Any information and/or photos would be deeply appreciated.

Kelli Powers Britt

Hello Kelli,

41-31775, 386BG 553BS, "THE MINUTEMAN"

25 Mar 44 First hit by flak causing loss of altitude damaged by fighters in right engine, right engine on fire, last seen 6 miles off French coast at approx 4000ft, both engines stopped, crew bailed out over English Channel.

2.Lt. Elliott Sanger Betts (P); Leonard Ralph Burnett Jr (C/P); Robert Eugene Curtis (B/N); S/Sgts John Bowan (E/G); Woodrow Albert Van Damme (R/G); Sgt Charles Dause Powers (A/G).
(Betts, Burnett survived rest of crew died at sea)

Trevor Allen, B-26 Historian

11:06 AM
Wayne M. Greer
Flight Engineer
322nd Bombing Group
449th Bomb Squadron
Barksdale AFB Shreveport, LA

Wayne Madison Greer was 22 when Pearl Harbor was bombed. He was farming with his brother just south of Sioux Falls South Dakota. He enlisted in the US Army Air Force in January of 1942. He went to Barksdale for his B-26 training. In late spring of 1943, he and crew picked up their new B-26 bomber in Savannah GA and flew the southern route to England. He was based at Andrews Field in Braintree England. In January of 1944, his plane was shot down near Dunkirk France in the plane called “Waste of Time”. All 6 crew members survived with 3 becoming prisoners of war, and 3 being picked up and given safety by the French Underground. Wayne was one of the lucky ones and was with the French Underground till sometime in mid September of ’44. During his tenure with the USAAF, Wayne flew on 7 different B-26s. On December 1, 1943, Wayne and crew flew on Flak Bait, the number one allied Bomber in all of WW2 ... Flak Bait flew a total of 207 missions in WW2, and is being restored at the Smithsonian Hangar in DC. In January of 1945, Wayne married Nelloise Grady of Tupelo Ms, and they were married for 65 years. She passed on in 2010 and Wayne alive and well.

Tim Greer

Wayne flew from the USA to England in B-26 41-18250 named "Nancy Anne"
14 Jan 44 B-26 41-31880 SS-T ( a 451st Bomb Squadron aircraft) flown by a 449th Bomb Squadron crew, was hit by flak just prior to bomb release.
Slowly losing altitude, the plane turned out of the formation, and was last seen flying in large circles in an approximate 30 degree bank. Then crashed
and exploded into flames 5 miles south of Gravelines, France. All of the crew parachuted safely with the pilot, co-pilot and navigator becoming prisoners
of war. The radio/gunner. engineer/gunner and armourer/gunner were picked up by the French underground.
1.Lt Dan Isgrig,Jr pilot;2.Lt Charles J Gemmell co-pilot;2.Lt George S Goldstein navigator; T/Sgt David J Mertes radio/gunner; S/Sgt Wayne M Greer engineer/gunner
S/Sgt Walter B Satterfield armourer/gunner.

Trevor Allen
historian b26.com

1:15 PM
My grandfather Neil Leon Nelson (1916-1969) was a 1st Lieutenant Co-Pilot for the 558th Bomb Squadron, 387th Bomb Group. He flew a B26 with a Thomas H. Wakeman Jr., during the years of 1943 and 1944. He flew 53 missions during his time. His plane was called the "Grim Reaper". On you web site I noticed a group picture with the "Grim Reaper" crew standing in front of the plane. The caption under the photo says the Co-Pilot was 2nd Lt. Williams N. Schreiber. The man in the picture is clearly my grandpa Neil Nelson from Waterville, Washington. Thomas Wakeman is resting his arm on Neil’s shoulder in the picture. William Schreiber could have been Tommy’s Co-Pilot during some point, but the picture you have posted is my grandpa. I just wanted to clear this up. Here is a link to my grandpa's fineagrave.com page. Thanks, Darrin Nelson

41-31640, 387BG, 558BS "GRIM REAPER" renamed "UNDERGROUND FARMER" Code KX-K, Missions flown 67
8 Jun 44 flew into hill, crashed near Friston Aerodrome.
1.Lt. Raymond G. Morin; 2.Lts William C Timerding; Ralph W Pritts; T/Sgt Vernon R Simmons; S/Sgt's Frank Hall; Charles J Haseman.
(Haseman severely injured, rest of crew KIA)
-Trevor Allen, Historian

8:43 PM
To the Marauder Men and to all of the men and women who served in the Armed Forces in WWII – on the eve of Memorial Day 2017, Thank-you! You are truly the Greatest Generation. You have been an inspiration to several generations of family and friends, again thank-you.

My late father was a Marauder Man who passed away in 1972 without sharing much about his life in WWII. This fantastic website has helped me piece together some information about my dad’s travels in WWII – again thank-you Trevor Allen and those who assist you.

Peace to all of you on this Memorial Day 2017.

Rich Erickson son of Marauder Man
Clarence V. Erickson - 391st BG, 575 BS

10:29 AM
I was asked to list list the Maraudermen buried in Normandy American Cemetery. I'm working on the other American cemeteries. Thank you Trevor Allen for helping with this project. -Mike
Name, Rank, Unit, State, Grave Location
Ray William C 1 Lt 554 Bomb Sq 386 Bomb Gp LA A 1 21
Gisavage Joseph G S Sgt 496 Bomb Sq 344 Bomb Gp NY A 10 7
Grove Edward N Pvt 573 Bomb Sq 391 Bomb Gp PA A 11 22
Olsen Eugene M S Sgt 452 Bomb Sq 322 Bomb Gp PA A 11 32
La Plante John F S Sgt 573 Bomb Sq 391 Bomb Gp VT A 11 4
Waters Richard J 1 Lt 450 Bomb Sq 322 Bomb Gp MO A 13 42
Michael Howard E S Sgt 558 Bomb Sq 387 Bomb Gp MT A 13 43
Hartman Louis E 1 Lt 573 Bomb Sq 391 Bomb Gp PA A 14 14
Sommers Franklin W 2 Lt 559 Bomb Sq 387 Bomb Gp IL A 14 32
Faith Richard R T Sgt 554 Bomb Sq 386 Bomb Gp PA A 14 39
Nolthusen Adolf C S Sgt 456 Bomb Sq 323 Bomb Gp NY A 15 19
Restaino August T Sgt 559 Bomb Sq 387 Bomb Gp MA A 15 30
Tate Robert S Flt O 452 Bomb Sq 322 Bomb Gp TN A 15 5
De Bell John A Flt O 587 Bomb Sq 394 Bomb Gp TX A 16 31
Hill John D 2 Lt 573 Bomb Sq 391 Bomb Gp TX A 16 42
Edwards George P 1 Lt 453 Bomb Sq 323 Bomb Gp OH A 18 15
Porter Marshall N S Sgt 496 Bomb Sq 344 Bomb Gp CT A 18 25
Billings Sherrard II S Sgt 496 Bomb Sq 344 Bomb Gp MA A 19 25
Smith Everett T S Sgt 495 Bomb Sq 344 Bomb Gp MO A 21 42
Bingham Robert P 1 Lt 452 Bomb Sq 322 Bomb Gp IL A 22 39
Lopez Adolfo A Jr T Sgt 555 Bomb Sq 386 Bomb Gp FL A 22 41
Webb David W 1 Lt 454 Bomb Sq 323 Bomb Gp AR A 23 41
Roland Robert L 1 Lt 452 Bomb Sq 322 Bomb Gp WI A 5 32
Kubala Theodore E 1 Lt 587 Bomb Sq 394 Bomb Gp OH A 7 40
Garlick Robert Jr S Sgt 496 Bomb Sq 344 Bomb Gp MA A 8 10
Jones James O 1 Lt 585 Bomb Sq 394 Bomb Gp TX A 8 14
Coyle Theodore P S Sgt 555 Bomb Sq 386 Bomb Gp NJ A 8 19
Lindberg Vernon B S Sgt 437 Bomb Sq 319 Bomb Gp PA A 8 25
Amos James P Sgt 452 Bomb Sq 322 Bomb Gp AL B 1 33
Beyl Robert N Sgt 554 Bomb Sq 386 Bomb Gp AL B 10 12
Lehman Clayton E S Sgt 554 Bomb Sq 386 Bomb Gp FL B 10 24
Kohler John F 1 Lt 573 Bomb Sq 391 Bomb Gp FL B 11 43
Bonnett Roy C Jr 1 Lt 451 Bomb Sq 322 Bomb Gp MN B 12 23
Lipscomb John P Capt 453 Bomb Sq 323 Bomb Gp WV B 12 7
Clark Roland E S Sgt 453 Bomb Sq 323 Bomb Gp CA B 12 8
Whitehead Jack E T Sgt 552 Bomb Sq 386 Bomb Gp OK B 13 17
Stevenson Andrew R S Sgt 572 Bomb Sq 391 Bomb Gp NY B 14 17
Lannin William B Flt O 452 Bomb Sq 322 Bomb Gp MI B 14 5
May John V T Sgt 451 Bomb Sq 322 Bomb Gp CT B 14 8
Miller Charles A 1 Lt 555 Bomb Sq 386 Bomb Gp DC B 16 28
Lodge Warren F Jr 2 Lt 555 Bomb Sq 386 Bomb Gp PA B 17 39
Danforth Stephen M 1 Lt 552 Bomb Sq 386 Bomb Gp RI B 18 8
Truman Harlow N 2 Lt 585 Bomb Sq 394 Bomb Gp NY B 19 13
Kreft Andre F S Sgt 575 Bomb Sq 391 Bomb Gp NY B 19 22
Bentley Theodore M Sgt 452 Bomb Sq 322 Bomb Gp OH B 19 24
Shoop James M 2 Lt 452 Bomb Sq 322 Bomb Gp SD B 19 42
Rollings William S T Sgt 573 Bomb Sq 391 Bomb Gp PA B 2 19
Carlson Clayton C 2 Lt 452 Bomb Sq 322 Bomb Gp AZ B 20 33
Spencer Raymond W Flt O 452 Bomb Sq 322 Bomb Gp IL B 20 8
Coursen George H S Sgt 454 Bomb Sq 323 Bomb Gp NY B 21 17
Noelting Harold L S Sgt 584 Bomb Sq 394 Bomb Gp IL B 22 21
Mill George R T Sgt 451 Bomb Sq 322 Bomb Gp PA B 23 35
Caldwell Wilma T Jr 2 Lt 554 Bomb Sq 386 Bomb Gp TX B 4 23
Young Glen L Sgt 573 Bomb Sq 391 Bomb Gp CA B 4 34
Christley Curtis L S Sgt 556 Bomb Sq 387 Bomb Gp PA B 4 41
Winstead James W S Sgt 451 Bomb Sq 322 Bomb Gp MS B 5 19
Corones James G 2 Lt 452 Bomb Sq 322 Bomb Gp NY B 5 42
Dye John W 2 Lt 496 Bomb Sq 344 Bomb Gp OR B 6 17
Brusman Jack P S Sgt 553 Bomb Sq 386 Bomb Gp OH B 6 18
Close Raymond N Sgt 451 Bomb Sq 322 Bomb Gp OH B 6 23
Newell William R Sgt 552 Bomb Sq 386 Bomb Gp IL B 7 32
Williamson Ray D Capt 553 Bomb Sq 386 Bomb Gp OR B 7 33
Rosner Elmer T Sgt 452 Bomb Sq 322 Bomb Gp AZ B 7 41
Hellstrom Leonard L 1 Lt 598 Bomb Sq 397 Bomb Gp SD B 8 34
Mc Gonigle Leon F S Sgt 555 Bomb Sq 386 Bomb Gp PA B 8 41
Swanson Franklin E Sgt 554 Bomb Sq 386 Bomb Gp NY B 9 6
Thompson Joe E Jr 1 Lt 452 Bomb Sq 322 Bomb Gp OK C 1 47
Sweet Harold S Sgt 585 Bomb Sq 394 Bomb Gp IL C 10 4
Macdonald Malcolm St 1 Lt 554 Bomb Sq 386 Bomb Gp FL C 11 20
Mc Glocklain Lyle G 1 Lt 450 Bomb Sq 322 Bomb Gp ID C 13 25
Sjolander Lloyd E S Sgt 585 Bomb Sq 394 Bomb Gp MN C 16 17
Blackstone Robert H S Sgt 451 Bomb Sq 322 Bomb Gp NY C 18 14
Stark William F S Sgt 449 Bomb Sq 322 Bomb Gp TX C 18 37
Lemmond James W 1 Lt 451 Bomb Sq 322 Bomb Gp NC C 22 8
Davison Ellis N 1 Lt 450 Bomb Sq 322 Bomb Gp TX C 5 26
Peterson Kenneth D S Sgt 575 Bomb Sq 391 Bomb Gp KS C 7 17
Moon George R T Sgt 451 Bomb Sq 322 Bomb Gp WA D 1 34
Rugg Earl J 2 Lt 574 Bomb Sq 391 Bomb Gp CA D 1 47
Coffey William J Jr 2 Lt 552 Bomb Sq 386 Bomb Gp MA D 10 41
Nealy Patrick J 2 Lt 585 Bomb Sq 394 Bomb Gp TX D 14 3
Brown Gale F S Sgt 573 Bomb Sq 391 Bomb Gp IL D 16 34
Dorton John L S Sgt 554 Bomb Sq 386 Bomb Gp OH D 17 40
Carmosino Samuel J Pfc 584 Bomb Sq 394 Bomb Gp PA D 17 45
Parsons Floyd L 1 Lt 552 Bomb Sq 386 Bomb Gp CO D 18 34
Lowell Benjamin W 2 Lt 585 Bomb Sq 394 Bomb Gp NY D 19 41
Bettge Arnold F Sgt 439 Bomb Sq 319 Bomb Gp OK D 2 18
Grace Thadoeus H T Sgt 573 Bomb Sq 391 Bomb Gp AL D 24 40
Solomon Charles L Sgt 553 Bomb Sq 386 Bomb Gp NY D 25 40
Jones Claude B 1 Lt 451 Bomb Sq 322 Bomb Gp SC D 3 34
Bernzen Frank Jr 1 Lt 573 Bomb Sq 391 Bomb Gp CO D 3 42
Matthews Fontaine M 1 Lt 452 Bomb Sq 322 Bomb Gp MO D 4 45
Koury Michael G 1 Lt 556 Bomb Sq 387 Bomb Gp IN D 5 12
Mitstifer Dayton B Flt O 554 Bomb Sq 386 Bomb Gp PA D 5 39
Freeman Stuart E 1 Lt 584 Bomb Sq 394 Bomb Gp PA D 7 45
Hanna Daniel R III 1 Lt 556 Bomb Sq 387 Bomb Gp OH E 11 33
Rutherford Alvord Lt Col HQ 319 Bomb Gp DC E 19 34
Perry Arthur K Jr 1 Lt HQ 319 Bomb Gp WY E 20 34
Lobb Leonard C 2 Lt 495 Bomb Sq 344 Bomb Gp KS E 23 32
Hunter Gail R S Sgt 558 Bomb Sq 387 Bomb Gp IA E 4 15
Davis Ira G 2 Lt 558 Bomb Sq 387 Bomb Gp OH E 8 3
Bloom William A Jr 1 Lt 439 Bomb Sq 319 Bomb Gp TX F 11 16
Mc Gregor Jack M 1 Lt 585 Bomb Sq 394 Bomb Gp MO F 13 32
Whitman William S 2 Lt 455 Bomb Sq 323 Bomb Gp NY F 13 34
Morin Raymond J T Sgt 449 Bomb Sq 322 Bomb Gp MA F 19 16
Briggs Frederick O 1 Lt 553 Bomb Sq 386 Bomb Gp NE G 12 30
Smith George J 1 Lt 451 Bomb Sq 322 Bomb Gp OH G 20 28
Mc Donald John J Jr 1 Lt 558 Bomb Sq 387 Bomb Gp NY G 23 19
Pequignot William J S Sgt 558 Bomb Sq 387 Bomb Gp CA G 3 17
Roebuck Harold M T Sgt 598 Bomb Sq 397 Bomb Gp OH G 3 26
Bekaert Gerard J S Sgt 451 Bomb Sq 322 Bomb Gp NY I 1 21
Savko Joseph 1 LT 496 Bomb Sq 344 Bomb Gp NY I 15 28
Allen Russell E T Sgt 452 Bomb Sq 322 Bomb Gp IN I 16 23
Vermette Arthur J S Sgt 552 Bomb Sq 386 Bomb Gp IL I 26 10
Culshaw John R S Sgt 573 Bomb Sq 391 Bomb Gp PA I 26 17
Pustelnik George N Sgt 452 Bomb Sq 322 Bomb Gp MI I 27 5
Root John D Capt 558 Bomb Sq 387 Bomb Gp PA J 10 14
Carson Samuel K 1 Lt 440 Bomb Sq 319 Bomb GP AL J 16 25
Pavinski Adolph L S Sgt 573 Bomb Sq 391 Bomb Gp PA J 17 28
Considine Wilfred S S Sgt 452 Bomb Sq 322 Bomb Gp MA J 21 28
Holmes Larry L 1 Lt 452 Bomb Sq 322 Bomb Gp NM J 24 19
Martel Ernest T Sgt 575 Bomb Sq 391 Bomb Gp ME J 26 14
Guiliano James L T Sgt 450 Bomb Sq 322 Bomb Gp NY J 27 32
Kirk Leo W S Sgt 555 Bomb Sq 386 Bomb Gp NY J 27 5
Moore Jesse M S Sgt 451 Bomb Sq 322 Bomb Gp FL N 17 13
Meiser George E T Sgt 451 Bomb Sq 322 Bomb Gp OH N 3 31
Vosburgh William F 1 Lt 559 Bomb Sq 387 Bomb Gp NJ O 15 41
Ryan Andrew 1 Lt 559 Bomb Sq 387 Bomb Gp PA O 8 45
Listed on "Wall Of The Missing"
Smith John L 1 Lt 451 Bomb Sq 322 Bomb Gp CT Missing
Canty John H S Sgt 555 Bomb Sq 386 Bomb Gp CT Missing
Weiss Don L Lt Col 555 Bomb Sq 386 Bomb Gp IA Missing
Billings Frank Sgt 454 Bomb Sq 323 Bomb Gp IA Missing
Meserow David 1 Lt 555 Bomb Sq 386 Bomb Gp IL Missing
Hazlett George H Jr 1 Lt 555 Bomb Sq 386 Bomb Gp MA Missing
Hamley Raymond D S Sgt 453 Bomb Sq 323 Bomb Gp MT Missing
Mc Caslin Thomas J S Sgt 555 Bomb Sq 386 Bomb Gp NE Missing
Keenley John F Flt O 497 Bomb Sq 344 Bomb Gp NY Missing
Shewell Jack C 2 Lt 495 Bomb Sq 344 Bomb Gp OH Missing
Watson Jess A 1 Lt 556 Bomb Sq 387 Bomb Gp OK Missing
Hewitt Robert C 1 Lt 558 Bomb Sq 387 Bomb Gp OK Missing
Slustrop Axel P 1 Lt 555 Bomb Sq 386 Bomb Gp OR Missing
Bowan John S Sgt 553 Bomb Sq 386 Bomb Gp PA Missing
Perkins Robert E T Sgt 555 Bomb Sq 386 Bomb Gp PA Missing
Nc Kamey James B 1 Lt 497 Bomb Sq 344 Bomb Gp TN Missing
Kalmon Howard J 1 Lt 556 Bomb Sq 387 Bomb Gp VT Missing

8:27 AM
Marauderman's Name: Willie F. Cone
Bomb Group: 344th Bomb Group
Bomb Squadron: 494th Squadron
Years in service: 1941-45
Graduation Class: 1943
Class Location: Kirtland Field, Albuquerque

In 2014, James Chaney wrote in the B26.com guest book that he found a photo of his dad, Don Chaney, on my dad's memorial page. I hope he can contact me and let me know which photo he is talking about. It would be nice to identify the guys in the photos! -Martha Cone

3:08 PM
Marauderman's Name: 1st Lt. Clyde Donald "Don" Chaney
Bomb Group: 344th
Bomb Squadron: 494th


My cousin, Frank Cain, and I hope to contact the daughter of Co-pilot Clyde Donald “Don” Chaney, 1st Lt., Donna Chaney Bell, who posted a great story of this crew:

494th Bomb Squadron, 344th Bomb Group

Pilot Edward M Cain, 1st Lt. (Dad called him “Sugar” Cain)
Co pilot Clyde Donald “Don” Chaney, 1st Lt. (My Dad)
Bombardier Allen W Arneson, 1st LT
Engineer-Gunner Carroll Sowers, S/Sgt
Radio-Gunner Calvin A Van Zile, T/Sgt
Armourer-Gunner Clarence Robertson, S/Sgt

We would love to share information with her. Thank you so much for running this website at great personal expense and dedication of time.

Liz Cain

8:15 AM
Good evening, I just found this photo and have some others in my girlfriend's possession. Her grandfather is somehow associated with the crew. It's him on the top left row. I'll send more pictures and documents. Thanks for keeping this great website up and running. -Andrew S. Phelps
Andrew, this was a 1.PFF picture note number of crew. 1.PFF led missions not only at night but almost every mission when visibility was 10/10 cloud. The pinpointed the targets by using Oboe rang finding signals from two special stations initially in England, but later in Europe. Oboe was a British invention and was used by Mosquitoes of Bomber Commands Light Night Strike Force.

Trevor Allen

6:41 PM
Marauderman's Name: James E. O'Connor
Bomb Group: 335th
Bomb Squadron: 475th
Years in service:1940-43
Graduation Class: Class 42-K
Class Location: Ellington Field
Comments: My uncle, Flight Officer James O'Connor, was a trainee co-pilot on the B-26B 41-17645 which crashed on the edge of Cross Lake near Shreveport, Louisiana on January 5, 1943. I plan to place a dedication page to the crew of this B-26 in a few months after I have accumulated a few more details. I am trying to determine the location of the field at which he was training when the attached pictures were taken. The configuration of the "Stage House", Hanger No 1 and Hangar No 2 do not match any pictures I have seen of Ellington Field or Randolph Field. Hopefully, someone can identify the location and share a matching photo. Jimmy is the tall one in the group of 4. -Stephen Freshwater
Here's is additional information: 41-17645, B-26B, 1-5-43 B, Cross Lake, LA 09.30hrs
Instructor pilot lost control while demonstrating stall conditions at too low altitude. Went into a left hand spin crashing into 5' of water in swampy terrain at NW. edge of Cross Lake 6 miles NWQ of Barksdale Field. All killed. 1.Lt Doyce D Harden, F/O Malcolm J Tahl, F/O James E O'Connor, 2.Lt John P Petraitis, S/Sgt John C Aitchison
Trevor Allen, B26 Historian

7:34 PM
In anticipation of the anniversary of D Day, I am attaching photos taken by Marauderman Lt. Bill Rose, who was assigned to the 593rd Bomb Squadron, 391st Bomb Group, flying out of RAF Matching Green Field, north of London. The first photo shows him in front of his airplane, "Margie", and the other two were taken by him as the B26 aircrews were flying over the English Channel in support of the D Day invasion of Normandy. As with many other members of the "Greatest Generation", he never spoke of any of this....we found these photos in an old shoe box after he passed away! -Mac

2:29 PM
My Dad, Roy Burlingame, was with the 22nd BG from inception to around 1945. He was a Staff Sergeant in the Operations group. I’d be interested in hearing from anyone who might have known him. -Roger Burlingame

8:51 AM
Name: Howard Kenneth Reast
Bomb Group: 387th
Bomb Squadron: 559th

Attached photos show Dad with the crew. The El Burro is shown on websites as an unknown code of the 559th Squadron. Dad's service dates were 17 Oct 1942 - 10 Sep 1945. The training, activation and inactivation dates seem to fit with the 387th.

Please supply further information on the crew of the El Burro and its missions.

Great website and many thanks to Louis Rehr for his memoirs book that provides the most comprehensive information on the B26.

Cherlyn Walters
"El Burro" never served with the 387th Bomb Group. 41-31936 was assigned to the 1st Pathfinder Squadron in February 1944, flying its first combat mission on March 11 1944
and completing 78 missions before the war in Europe ended in May 1945. Initially it was named "Betty J" this name being changed to "El Burro" some time in the intervening period.

Trevor Allen Historian B26.com

2:28 AM
My father Ernest Arthur (Deceased 14 April 1995) RAF volunteered and flew with the 21st Squadron SAAF from 11 Dec 1944 to 07 May 1945 as a Radio Operator / Navigator. B26 Marauder. His plane was shot down on 08 March 1945 at Arsie, North East Italy. P/O Blackford and Mid upper gunner killed. He survived by walking across the Dolomites to Yugoslavia

3:50 PM
Good evening, I am a 17 year army aviator, and my grandfather SSG Matthew Poppa is in the bottom row, far left. I have been trying to find out more about my grandfathers service, and this picture has him taking off with the 496th crew, incomplete nose art, on Sept 23, 1944 in England. I thought I may reach out to your organization in the hopes to find out more info. Thank you. v/r CW4 Joe Poppa

9:12 AM
My father-in-law was WW2 artillery and did a guest ride on 22 Feb 1945 probably out of southern Germany. Attached are 2 photos of the event that include the flight crew and other "guests". Evidently the Army Air Force and the ground Army were collaborating and this was an attempt to improve understanding and cooperation. Charlie is 99 and still remembers this. The only air plane ride he took in his life.

Hopefully someone can identify the air crew and get the photos to the right place.

Best regards,
Hugh Fletcher

7:32 PM
Hi, I am the granddaughter of Lt. Vernon Otto Staub of the 559th Bomb squad, 387th Bomb group. I am hopeful that I'll be able to get in contact with someone who served with my grandpa, or someone who might have some photos or information about him, as there is very little on the Internet. He was pilot of the "Mississippi Mudcat" when it was shot down on Dec 23, 44. Please let me know if you have any information that could help me. Thank you! -Hayley Burk

Dear Hayley, here's what we know:

-31657, 387BG, 559BS "MISSISSIPPI MUDCAT" Squadron code TQ-W; Missions flown: 149; Missing Aircrew Report (MARC#) 11465; 23 Dec 44 shot down by Me109's, pilot killed by 20mm shell, went down immediately. 2.Lt's Vernon O Staub P; Elgin F Scobell C/P; William H C Doyle B; S/Sgt's Leonard H Werner R/G; Marvin P Geist E/G; Sgt Richard F Wyman T/G (no info); Cpl Otto P Siciliano extra T/G. (Staub KIA; rest of crew POW). Trevor Allan.

Hi Hayley,

As promised some details re Lt Vernon Staub and a couple of questions for the family, if you don't mind forwarding them.

Lt Staub was a recent replacement at the time of his loss although the Squadron records does not show when he joined the unit. He was awarded the Air Medal on December 22nd, 1944. This was awarded upon completion of the first five missions and then an Oak Leaf Cluster would denote each further five missions flown. There is no record of an OLC being awarded to Lt Staub, so he probably flew between 5 and 9 missions, this agrees with the MACR record that states that he flew approximately 8 missions.

Sadly the 387th records do not include any crew manifests so we only know the missions upon which he was the first pilot. It was usual for pilots to fly one or two missions as co-pilot as an introduction to combat flying and procedures. Known missions flown by Lt Staub as first pilot are as follows:

30th Nov 1944 - to Zweibrucken, but 10/10th cloud prevented attack on the primary so the Group attacked Pirmasens Railroad Tunnel on GEE. Aircraft flown 135255 TQ-D.
1st Dec 1944 - to Saarlautern. Aircraft flown 131705 TQ-K "King Size."
2nd Dec 1944 - to Saarlautern. Aircraft flown 131705 TQ-K "King Size."
9th Dec 1944 am - to Lebach defended area. Aircraft flown 2107590 TQ-S.
9th Dec 1944 pm - to Dellfeld Railroad sidings. Aircraft flown 2107590 TQ-S, aborted and returned early with engine failure, rest of formation aborted because of weather.
11th Dec 1944 - to Dellfeld Railroad sidings. Aircraft flown 131723 TQ-J "Flying Ginny." Formation aborted because of weather.
15th Dec 1944 - to Ruthen. Aircraft flown 43-34287 TQ-X.
23rd Dec 1944 - to Mayen Railroad Bridge. Aircraft flown 131657 TQ-W "Mississippi Mudcat." MIA, shot down by enemy fighters.

This accounts for 6 completed missions and 2 abortive.

Attached are a couple of photographs, one showing "Mississippi Mudcat" in colour and two others. One of these that shows the pilot kneeling and signing for the aircraft has intrigued me for some time. We know from other photos that the bomb symbols for the first two rows was for 50 missions each and the third row shows one mission short of a complete row, if that row is indeed complete. This would indicate that this may - and I stress may have been a publicity shot at the start of the aircraft's 150th mission, which if true would be the morning of December 23rd, the day she was lost. My question to the family is do they think it is Lt Staub that is kneeling and signing for the aircraft from the crew-chief. The only doubts might be that there are only 6 crew-members shown and on that day she had an extra gunner on board.

The other question I have is the crew photo on Lt Staub's page shows a crew lined up in front of a B-26 "Miss Behavin" - the aircraft shown (42-95844 O8-D) flew with the 344th Bomb Group, and not the 387th ? The 387th did have an aircraft named "Miss Behavin" but that was a B-26F model in the 557th BS, and did not wear a factory applied camouflage as shown in this photo. (maybe Trevor can help with this query).

Also attached is the formation layout and mission notes that my father compiled for the Dec 23rd mission.

I hope that this all helps in some way.

Regards, Alan Crouchman, 387th BG Historian, WW2

12:49 PM
Marauderman's Name: Joseph Patrick Hegarty
Bomb Group: Ninth Air Force (group unknown)
Bomb Squadron: "Tiger-Stripes"
Years in service: 25 years
Graduation Class: unknown
Class Location: unknown
Comments: Dad joined the Army Air Corp at 17, hometown Easton, PA. After training as a flight engineer / gunner he was assigned to a group flying out of an RAF base in England until after D-Day. He flew 63 missions over Europe including D-Day in a B-26 that was named "Patches". A picture of him (short guy in the middle) is attached as well as a bio from the Easton newspaper when he returned after the war. During WWII Dad earned the European Ribbon, 4 battle Stars, Good Conduct Medal, Air Medal with 11 Oak Leaf Clusters. He is a veteran of WWII, Korea and Vietnam. He retired from the Air Force in 1969 from Bergstrom Air Force base in Austin, Texas. Dad passed away 10 years ago and is buried at Arlington National Cemetery. He, along with the many men and women of the greatest generation, will forever by my heroes.

Thank you for creating and curating this wonderful website

Most sincerely,
Kevin P. Hegarty

Hi Kevin,

Following on form Kevin Hegarty's comments on his father I can add a few more details.

Sgt J P Hegarty served with the 558th Bomb Squadron of the 387th Bomb Group. Although details of when he joined the unit are not recorded or sadly individual missions flown because of a lack of crew manifests in the records we can track his progress by the award of the Air Medals he received.

These were awarded for each 5 combat missions completed, there would be a slight delay between completion of each batch of 5 and the actual award made. Those awarded to Sgt Hegarty were as follows:

20th April 1944 - Air Medal
27th May 1944 - 1st Oak Leaf Cluster
??? - 2nd OLC
29th June 1944 - 3rd OLC
10th July 1944 - 4th OLC
19th July 1944 - 5th OLC, noted with the rank of S/Sgt from this date forwards.
30th July 1944 - 6th OLC
15th Aug 1944 - 7th OLC
21st Aug 1944 - 8th OLC
26th Oct 1944 - 9th OLC
??? - 10th OLC
13th Jan 1945 - 11th OLC

The aircraft "Patches" was serial number 134965 and coded KX-Q, it flew it's first mission on 13th March 1944 and was eventually written-off in a crash landing on 6th December 1944 when she had instrument failure shortly after take-off. This aircraft does not seem to have had a identifiable regular crew as it was flown by numerous crews during its 64 missions flown.

I attach the photo's I have of "Patches", the one with the ground crews shows T/Sgt Mel Gilliand on the right, the aircraft's crew-chief.

I hope this helps.

Regards, Alan Crouchman, 387th BG Historian, WW2

8:02 AM
Marauderman's Name: Paul F Richter
Bomb Group: 386th
Bomb Squadron: 554th
Years in service: May 1943
Graduation Class: January 1944
Class Location: May 1943 Carlsbad 320th BTG
Comments: Here is what I know about Mr. Paul F Richter. I'm researching at this present time due the fact that I actually have his bombardiers case. The information I have, comes from his flight records.

May 1943 Carlsbad 320th BTG listed as a student Navigator
June 1943 listed as a Bombardier at Barksdale Field IL 55th wing 335th BG 474th BS
October 1943 Transferred from 476th BS to Combat Crew status at Barksdale
January 1944 he was with the 386th BG 554th BS at Station #164 in the United Kingdom
February 1944 flew 12 combat sorties
March 1944 flew 13 combat sorties
April 1944 flew 12 combat sorties June 1944 he transferred to the 410th BG 644th BS and flew another 6 combat sorties
Back in the US in August 1944

Hope some more information or photographs of his crew aircraft etc might come along.

Many thanks,
Carl Peplow

6:26 AM
You guys have a great website. My father Paul J Foley, was the pilot of # 66756 “The Yellow Cab” a B-26. He flew it in Agadir Fr. Morocco in May 1944. He was attached to VJ-4. I have pics of the plane, my dad and his crew (with last names only). I’d be glad to forward copies of all the limited info that I have to add to your data base.
Hugh F Foley

9:30 AM
A bit late I expect but this might be of interest to Win Jackson who asked about the 307th Station hospital that his father was sent to, here's something of interest 307th Station Hospital US Army near Baginton Airfield (Coventry). Great site! -Cheers, Tim Croft

9:57 PM
Traveling to Normandy for June 6th? Here are the Marauder Men buried in Normandy American Cemetery.

5:27 PM
Thank you for this information on my Dad, George Edward Constable
Steve Constable

9:10 AM
Hello, my grandfather is Edward Francis Dinan who was a bombardier-navigator in the ETO. I think he flew in the "Mad Russian" 41-31600, 386BG, 553BS. Looking for more information on him. Pictures? Thank you for your time? Thanks for the great website! James Dinan

3:21 PM
Marauderman's Name: S/Sgt. Thomas J. McCaslin
Bomb Group: 386th
Bomb Squadron: 555th
Years in service: 1941-44

My uncle Tom McCaslin was a tail gunner with the 386th BG, 555th Squadron -“The Red Devils” first based in 1943 in England at Boxted, then at Great Dunmow. We are not sure of how may missions he flew but we’ve heard in the low 60’s. He flew on 41-31768, “Incendiary Mary” (YA-O). This plane was damaged beyond repair during a rough landing at Dunmow in May 1944. Tom was killed in action on 6/22/44 when his new plane (42-96087) took a direct hit from a flak burst and crashed near Gavrus, France in German held territory. The plane was seen to break up and explode upon hitting the ground. The other men on the plane were also killed:

Pilot; Lt. Col. Don Weiss (Commander of the 555th)
Co-Pilot: Lt. Axel “Pete” Slustrop
Bombardier: Lt. David Meserow
Navigator: Lt. George Hazlett
Radio/Gunner: T/Sgt. Robert Perkins
Turret Gunner: S/Sgt. John Canty
Passenger: Capt. Orville D. Thatcher M.D. (Flight Surgeon for the 386th)

The body of Capt. Thatcher was found in August 1944 by British forces then later buried in his hometown of Ft. Dodge, Iowa. The other men remained MIA until remains were found by a French farmer in a field in 1986. These remains were finally identified by the U.S. military in 1994 as belonging to: Lt. Col Weiss, Lt. Meserow, Lt. Slustrop, and Lt. Hazlett. These men were buried at Arlington National Cemetery in 1995.

The bodies of T/Sgt. Perkins, S/Sgt. Canty, and my uncle remain missing. In 2014, a British researcher living in France found a few small human bones at the crash site. Also found was a dog tag for S/Sgt. Canty. The DPAA has the remains and at the time of this writing is planning to finally fully excavate the site sometime in 2017 in hopes of finding and identifying the three missing men. Hopefully budget cuts will not cancel this dig.

I have been able to research the crash quite a bit with the help of this site and others. I have located many wonderful pictures and documents which help tell the tale of what happened that day, including photos of the the crash site taken from another plane n the formation within a few moments of the crash. A twisted smoke trail from the spinning plane can be seen in some of these pictures. If anyone has more information about this crash or anyone who knew my uncle please let me know. Thanks for reading!
Tom McCaslin
42-96087 386BG 555BS 4 Jun 44 to 22 Jun 44 direct flak hit in bomb bay, immediately burst into flames in bombay and forward section, peeled off to right out of control, spun, crashed near chateau 1 mile SW of Caen YA-O 14 MARC 6283
Lt. Col. Donald L.Weiss;1.Lts Axel P Slustrop; David Meserow; George H Hazlett,Jr; T/Sgt Robert E Perkins; S/Sgts John H Canty; Thomas J McCaslin; Capt Orville D Thatcher flight surgeon. (All killed)
Trevor Allen

12:25 PM
My father-in-law's brother, 1Lt Robert Botsford was in the 322nd bomb Group and I was wondering if he ever flew in "Flak Bait". He was the headquarters weather officer and died in a plane crash on July 4, 1944 while stationed at Great Saling.

thank you,
Jeff Sears
41-35791 322BG HQ "FUGITIVE FROM TRAINING CENTER" Z 30 Apr 44 to 19 Jul 44 crashed into mountainside at Cronk NY Irres on Isle of Man en route to Ireland, salvaged by 2nd Tactical Air Depot 19 Jul 44 15764 Maj. Charles W Hoover 450.BS,Capt Roy A Schekser 450BS navigator; Maj Howard M Scull group surgeon; Capt Morton A Cundiff 451BS flight surgeon; Capt Ralph E Lowther 450th engineering officer; Lt Robert C Botsford group weather officer; Lt Floyd E Swain 450BS bombardier; Duke McKonaghy. (Scull, Cundiff; Lowther, Schekser, Botsford, Swain all killed, Hoover injured, McKonaghy seriously injured). Missing Aircrew Report (MARC) 15764
Regards, Trevor Allen

2:15 PM
Crew of B-26G ‘Little Audrey”, shot down by flak on November 9, 1944, on a bombing mission to an artillery school in Landau, Germany.

Pilot - 2nd Lt. John A. Corley Jr. (seated in center and only survivor)
C0-Pilot - 2nd Lt. George D. McLaughlin
Bombardier - 2nd.Lt. Philip Sachs
Radio Operator - Sgt. Mason M. Mandell
Engineer/Gunner - Sgt. Chester J. Green
Tail Gunner - Sgt. Douglas D. Jackson

The plane was Serial Number 43-34187, with the 9th AAF, 322 Bomb Group, 451st Bomb Squadron.
Thanks for the site,
John Corley

9:13 PM
Dear Ms. Robershotte,

I saw you 12/28/2016 post. Your grandfather, 1st Lt. Merle J Robershotte Jr., was a copilot with the 323rd BG 456th BS. His 1st combat mission was to St. Martin des Besaces on July 30, 1944 flying a B-26 called the “Kactus Kid” serial # 41-31944 coded WT-G. His last mission was on April 20, 1945 in 42-107842 “Georgia Miss” coded WT-W. The target was the Memmingen Marshalling Yards. Your grandfather must have been carrying his lucky rabbit’s foot with him for that mission. That was the day the 323rd BG was mauled by JV 44 and their Me-262 jet fighters. We had three B-26s shot down that day and another seven severely damaged. They attacked from the 5 o’clock low position, just missed your grandfather’s B-26 and shot down the plane in front of him, 42-107538. Luckily the pilot Lt. Adams was able to nurse that aircraft back across Allied lines where the crew safely bailed out

Roy Bozych
Historian 323rd BG

12:25 PM

I am answering a post from a 2011 guest book page post from Lisa Bovilsky, about her Uncle 2nd LT William R Nielson. He was a member of the 394th BG, 587th BS, based at Boreham Field in England. My great Uncle Donald Damer was his copilot on the mission when they were shot down, June 13, 1944.

The Crew is as follows:

2nd LT William R Nielson: KIA
2nd LT Donald B. Damer: KIA
S/Sgt. Adam Toth: He survived bailout, was captured and escaped the POW camp to get home (according to Patti Morris, stepdaughter of Adam)
Sgt. Jack King: KIA
S/Sgt. Gervaise Jarmer (tail gunner borrowed from B-26 “Hannibal”): Survived – POW
Sgt. Elmer Fellhauer: Survived - POW

Their aircraft was Serial number 42-107682. Their group made a successful raid on a German fuel storage site in France. On the return trip to Boreham Field in England their aircraft was hit by German AAA over St. Martin Lieux in France.

Nielson, Damer and King were killed in action. Gervaise Jarmer, who was borrowed from the crew of “Hannibal” (The original tail gunner was sick for the mission), Fellhauer and Toth all survived bailout, were captured and put into a POW camp. Adam Toth escaped the POW camp and made it home without being recaptured.

I too have been looking for photos of the crew and photos of 42-107682. If anyone has a photo of this aircraft in their collection from the 394th BG, 587th BS, we would appreciate it. Even if it is in the background, but we can maybe ID the confirmed name, and tail codes as well, that would be nice.

Thanks again for this continued website, Don Copple

5:31 PM
Information regarding Penny McKim's guestbook post dated 12/27/2016 10:41 PM below.

Dear Penny,

The photograph that you posted (12/27/2016 10:41 PM) appears in the Roger Freeman collection on the American Air Museum in Britain website.
The caption on the rear of the photograph only lists the names of some of the crew, these being "Gerold A. Wendt, Thornton B. Henry, and Myron O. McKim" and the aircraft as "Ser. No.: 134987, RG-K".
This website also has records for 7 persons aboard aircraft 41-31632 that crashed on take-off on June 23, 1943. The aircraft was a total loss, but all aboard survived. Although the source of the information is not given, it could have been obtained from the official accident report. The persons aboard the aircraft are listed as:
2/Lt. Jerold A. Wendt (P)
2/Lt. Frank W. White (CP)
1/Lt. Joseph O. McIntyre (BN)
S/Sgt. Thornton B. Henry (EG)
S/Sgt. James W. Hankemeyer (ROG)
S/Sgt. Myron O. McKim (AG)
M/Sgt. James W. Couper (Line Chief)
It's also interesting to note that according to Chester Klier's records for 386BG aircraft, 41-31632 was named "Danny Boy" and 41-34987 was named "Danny Boy II".
Further details of the crash are available on Chester's pages here which confirms that Wendt and Hankemeyer were aboard the aircraft when it crashed. Wendt, Henry, and McKim appear in the records for missions #72 and #73 and were aboard the same aircraft at the time.
Therefore, it's likely that the persons listed for the crash of 41-31632 were a crew (except the Line Chief) and thus these are the persons that appear in your photograph.
Steve Sharp

4:29 PM
Arthur B. Collins
Staff Sergeant, 497th B/Sq. 344th B/Gp
Rear Tail Gunner
Honorably Discharged June, 2, 1945
Outstanding website, thanks for keeping the Marauderman's story alive.
Valerie Collins

7:25 AM
To All,
Great website!
I am researching a B26 crew who flew out of England during WW2. I have a photo of the crew and their names, as well as where they are from. I am sending all and hope someone can help or point me in the right direction.
Text on back reads:
"698243 WP New York Bureau
Final Check
Somewhere in England - making a final check of their route, these American Airman are ready to set off for a raid over enemy territory, left to right: 2nd Lt. Morris W. Kautz of Newton, Iowa; 1st Lt. Arnold C. Swain of Asheville, North Carolina.; 1st Lt. Maynard N. Amundson or La Crosse, Wisconsin; S/Sgt. Edward M. Dietz of St. Paul, Minnesota; T/Sgt. Lewis Lacher of Medill, Oklahoma; and S/Sgt. Quincy T. Miller of St. Louis Missouri.
CREDIT LIFE - WP- (ACME) September 19, 1943 (RK)"
Warren Shipman
[large image] [large image]
Warren, after this photo was taken Maurice W Kautz was shot down and taken prisoner.
41-31845, 322BG, 452BS "PATCHES"
7 May 44 attacked by between 14 and 20 Fw190's and Me109's,right engine on fire, tail came off, spun down, crashed in Charleroi area, France Crew: 1.Lts. Joseph W Wright; Maurice W Kautz, 2.Lt Leroy L Adams; T/Sgt Clark F Steele; S/Sgt Marino Hannesson; Sgt Lonnie E White. (Wright, Kautz, Adams, Steele POW, rest of crew KIA)

Trevor Allen, B26 Historian

2:57 PM
I am missing the info on Capt. Wesley G. Ling's last flight. Shot down June 11, 1944. Town he was captured etc. I know near Paris, Seine river. Looking for more detail. Tail number 296116, MARC 5713.

Can you help me?
Thank you!...
James Ling, Brother

Hi James, check this out [click here].

42-96116 386BG 553BS Code AN-A, Missions flown 7, MARC 5713 6 Jun 44 to 11 Jun 44 direct flak hit in left engine after bombs away, trailed smoke, did a series of rapid climbs and dives, passed in front of flight left engine in flames, levelled for approx 5 seconds, made a shallow bank to left, straightened out on course, one chute seen from waist, banked slowly to left wheels down, 6 chutes seen shortly after left wing blew off wreckage went into cloud, crashed 1/4 mile NW of Jouy Le Moutier. Crew: 1.Lts.Wesley G. Ling; Alfred J Robinson, Jr; 2.Lt Francis J McShee; T/Sgt Frank G Coon; S/Sgts Jesse H Hartman; Donald J Weber; Charlie M Johns; (Coon evaded, Weber died of wounds rest of crew pow's)

Trevor Allan, B26 Historian

7:44 PM
Am doing research with my brother on the men listed on our hometown (Littlestown, PA) memorial. While perusing B26.com I found the listings of the B-26 men buried overseas. Just an informational update for that listing; Sergeant Robert J. Collins (often mislabeled as Sergeant P.J. Collins) who was killed on 28 January 1945 in the crash of A/C 42-95864, "Valkyrie", while serving with the 497th Bombardment Squadron of the 344th Bombardment Group, is buried in the Epinal American Cemetery and Memorial, Plot A, Row 18, Grave 29. I may have missed it, but I did not see his name listed. Collins is also mentioned in the December 2015 issue of "Milk Run", and in the account from Robert Harwell.
Gerry Altoff

6:13 AM
B26.com is a tremendous site. Congratulations. I am working on a book about men and women from my home town area who served (in all branches) during WWII (some 400, small town). One of the men David N. Ayers served with the 386th Bomb Group, 552nd Bomb Squadron. Our local newspaper said he participated in 46 missions during his service, but I have been able to only locate 27 missions by researching the records at the National Archives at College Park, MD.

He was Radio/Gunner with the John Armstrong crew. As best as I can determine they flew in at least three planes - "Plew", "Six - O - Us" and "True Love" The "Plew" was apparently shot down on July 11, 1944 but I have not been able to find the Missing Aircraft Report on it. The men all bailed out. I believe he arrived as a replacement sometime around March or April of 1944. He was transferred back to the states in March of 1945. I am not sure he was aboard when the Plew was shot down on 7/11, but he may have been I was hoping he was part of the D-Day activities.

His brother Ivan also served with a Marauder group in Europe. Was stationed somewhere near Paris. May have been the 391st Group at Pontoise, but I can find nothing that shows him with that group. (Relatives have no information.) Local paper says he was stationed near his brother near Paris in a B-26 group so Pontoise could be it.

Robert N. Colombo, Author
"To Save the Union: Volunteers in the Civil War from Centerville, Hume and Granger Townships, Allegany County, New York"
 ISBN 10: 0788443941 ISBN 13: 9780788443947
12 July 44 B-26 42-96112 RG-F "Plew!" was seriously damaged by flak resulting in the pilot having to crashland at R.A.F Biggin Hill. Kent county, England
The crew was: 2.Lt Cyril J Armstrong pilot; 2.Lt Davis Bouras co-pilot; Sgt Harry Howell engineer/gunner; Sgt Frank J Aluska radio/gunner; S/Sgt David N Ayer Armourer/gunner. Crew suffered minor injuries.

Trevor Allen, B26 Historian

2:07 PM

I would like to update my query for any info about the fate of the Crew of B 26 SN 43-34353, YA - S.
Supposedly all POW as of 18 Dec 1944.

The plane crashed near Mittelbollenbach (near Idar-Oberstein, Germany) on 18. Nov. 1944 after FLAK hits.

We were able to locate the crash site in 2014.
A large part of the horizontal stabilizer and a panel of one wingtips were retrievable (see pic).
We also dug up 6 bombs and parts (rear armor (door to cal 50, hydraulic Motor), battery remains, valve springs, aluminum fragments, plexiglass etc.)) in 2014, but still don`t know the true fate of the crew.

Any Info concerning the true fate of the crew would be much appreciated.

Marauderman's Names: Lieutenant J.E. Maxwell, Flight Officer N. Brancato, Lieutenant R.L. Anderson, Tech Sergeant L.A. Rosanbalm, Staff Sergeants G.B Powell and W.A. Sundberg III.

Bomb Group: 386
Bomb Squadron: 555

I will answer any queries concerning the above subject.


Thomas McCord

Dear Thomas,
Regarding your post dated 1/8/2017 2:07 PM concerning the fate of the crew of B-26 serial number 43-34353 of the 386BG 555BS on 18 November 1944.

Witness statements contained in MACR #10467 state that 5 or 6 parachutes were seen to open before the aircraft (43-34353) struck the ground. The status of all crew members was initially MIA, but has been later updated to either POW or RTD (Returned To Duty). The crew were: 1/Lt. James Eveleth Maxwell (P), F/O Nuffrie Brancato (CP), 2/Lt. Robert La Verne Anderson (BN), T/Sgt. Lloyd Austin Rosanbalm (ROG), S/Sgt. Grady Buntin Powell (EG), S/Sgt. Wayne Arthur Sundberg (AG).

Furthermore, the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration records for US Prisoners of War show that Maxwell and Brancato were interned at Stalag Luft 3, Sagan-Silesia, Bavaria; Anderson at Stalag 7A, Moosburg, Bavaria; Powell and Sundberg at Stalag Luft 4, Gross-Tychow, Pomerania, Prussia; and Rosanbalm at Stalag 4B, Muhlberg, Sachsen.

The MACR states that the target was a storage dump near Saint Wendel and gives the location of the crash as Hottenbach, Germany.

A detailed account of the 386BG's mission #294 is available on Chester Klier's page http://www.b26.com/historian/chester_klier/294.htm

Steve Sharp

10:40 AM
Hello All,

I had the privilege to take my uncle CJ Johnson to dinner this Christmas Eve 2016. He was in the 386th Bomb Group – 555 Bomb Squadron. 1st Lieutenant Clarence (CJ) Johnson was Lead Bombardier for his squadron and flight of 5 to 25 B26s. He was based in England, France and Belgium during the war. He doesn’t recall specifically what aircraft he flew in as it varied with each mission.

He celebrates his 93rd Birthday this January 23rd. After the war he married a wonderful lady (my mother’s sister) and built a successful business.

God bless his generation!

Dan Voss

3:58 PM
Charles W. Schober, Jr.
Years service : '41-'44 (KIA 6/8/44 )
Grad. Class : 42-I ; Columbus, Miss.
Squadron B
Plane: "A Kay P's Dream"
Tail #131669

Comments: Charlie was my uncle; I'm named for him but never got to meet him, I was born in '46. Since I'm his oldest surviving relation I am trying to learn more about him while I can. Does anyone remember my Uncle?

Peter C. Schober
P. Charles Schober, nephew

Mr. Schober,
Your uncle flew 41-18324, 387BG 558BS, 4 Apr 43 damaged Moody Field, GA repaired, reflew.

Later on he flew 41-31664, 387BG 558BS, "HEAVENLY BODY", MARC 5874
8 Jun 44 flak after leaving target, nose disintegrated, over on back almost totally engulfed in flames, ammunition exploding inside, large explosion just prior to hitting the ground. Capt. William H. Schober; 1.Lt John J MacDonald; 2.Lt Ira G Davis; T/Sgt James H Evans; S/Sgts Gail R Hunter, William J Requignot; Capt John D Root weather observer. (All crew KIA)

Later on the plane you mentioned "A Kay P's Dream", 41-31669, 387BG 558BS, "KAY PEAS DREAM", MARC 8164
15 Jun 44 flak in right engine over target, feathered, returned towards England, 5/6 miles off coast left engine failed, ditched, remained afloat approx 45 seconds 1.Lt's Jack McHenry; James M Jack; S/Sgt Dominic A Gelormo; Sgt Alexander Malash; S/Sgt Warren C Schriver. (Marsh and Schriver rescued by a British destroyer after 30 minutes in water, rest of crew went down with the aircraft.)

Trevor Allen, B26 Historian
Mr. Schober,
Further to Trevor's reply regarding the aircraft flown by Capt Charles Schober, I can add the following info:

Details of his medal awards from the records are as follows:

Air Medal 28th Sept 1943
OLC to AM 13th Oct 1943
2nd OLC 25th Nov 1943
3rd OLC 22nd Dec 1943
Distinguished Flying Cross 15th March 1944 (for completion of 25 missions)
Bronze OLC to AM 28th Mar 1944
5th and 6th OLC 20th April 1944
7th OLC 23rd May 1944
8th OLC 29th June 1944 (MIA)

On April 22nd 1944 the 558th squadron records has the following - " Capt Charles W Schober led his flight, following Capt Norman Settle, to do a beautiful job of bombing the Noball (V-1 site) at Bois des Hit Rues. All flying personnel were elated to hear that this target,, which had evaded destruction time after time, was finally knocked out."

On D-Day he led one of the Low Flights to attack strong points on the beach, 15 minutes before "H" hour at 0630 hrs (briefing had been at 0230 hrs). Terrible weather forced the formations to attack from 5500 feet, only "Fair" results achieved.

I have attached the narrative from the Squadron records for the day of his loss and a few photo's that may be of interest.

The photo of "A Kay Pea's Dream" in flight was taken between D-Day (June 6th) and her ditching on June 15th and, who knows, could have been taken on that fateful flight. The photo of the propeller shows a blade that was recovered from 3 miles off Beachy Head (the approx. position of "A Kay Pea's Dream" ditching position) so is most probably from this aircraft, it is preserved at Shoreham Airfield on the south coast of England. I published the story of the loss of this aircraft in the February 2002 edition of FlyPast magazine, published by Key Publishing in the UK, they may have back copies available if of interest. See www.flypast.com for details.

Best wishes,

Alan Crouchman, 387th Historian

11:49 AM
Happy 94th birthday to Mr. Joseph Dranchak!

12:01 AM
Happy New Year!

Marauder Men, family and friends are invited to add content to the web site. Send scanned pictures 300dpi or mail pictures via post. Tell a story about your Marauderman and include as much information as you can.

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